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  1. What are your goals in terms of higher education? A Predicted 35/42 not counting EE/ToK grades is really good and will get you quite far. There's a bit of a learning curve for English A but I've seen people go from 4s in Year 1 to a final grade of '6' by the end of Year 2.
  2. It's just Cambridge that requires Math HL. A 6 in Math HL looks infinitely better than a 7 in Math SL. I honestly would just apply to Oxford, which doesn't have the HL Math requirement, unless you have some compelling and reasonable notion as to why Cambridge Med rather than Oxford Med.
  3. Disregard time zones for practice. Make sure you'r not just memorizing mark schemes -- always try to learn the reasons for your errors beyond "oops that was dumb mistake won't happen again"
  4. Google, Amazon, Netflix, McKinsey & Co., Goldman Sachs are great companies with nuanced staff motivation and efficiency interplays.
  5. Arguably the most rigorous combination for an IB student planning to major in Business in the world's most competitive business schools are as follows: HLs: Mathematics HL, Economics/Business Management HL (Economics HL is accepted for course credits in the US and typically considered as a condition for conditional offers in the UK), any 3rd HL (taking a science HL demonstrates maximum rigor although imo you should take a subject you enjoy the most for your third one,. SLs: Language A, Language B, Science/Humanities (Business Management/Psychology are decent choices you can't go wron
  6. You can try talking to your DP Coordinator. If there are still people who have not submitted their essay by the time you've submitted your reworked version, then you do have the right to ask the teacher to allow you to submit the reworked essay. Still, TOK is pretty subjective and arguably random in its marking so I wouldn't worry about it too much .
  7. None. The IB is there to drive you to pursue greater intellectual breadth in university, which could potentially lead to better long-term success — but on it's own the IB won't get you much jobs beyond the food service.
  8. I'm fairly certain if you want to apply to some insane med schools like Cambridge you're going to want Math HL + Science HL (90% of admits had either A-Level Math or Math HL). It's just something to consider if you don't want to leave out options; Oxford doesn't seem to have as stringent a Math HL "recommendation".
  9. 1. Depends on the person. I honestly believe for at least a third of the people taking the IB, it's just not worth it. 2. Not more so than AP/A-Levels. You need to realize you're going to have to work very hard for intangible goals -- the IB is an opportunity to develop a holistic skill and mindset that could serve you very well in your college and professional careers if you let it, but it won't necessarily get you into better colleges/programs/get you higher grades in college. 3. Unnecessary for securing a job, but the critical thinking skills you develop through the IB can make
  10. I think only 1 person in this entire forums is qualified enough to answer..... I summon thee @kw0573!
  11. University of British Columbia in Canada offers a lot of scholarships for IB Diploma students
  12. They tell you it's a geometric sequence, so U2/U1 = r, where U2 is the second term of the sequecne and U1 is the first term of the sequence. Likewise, U3/U2 = r. Set up those two equations, solve for 'a', and they seem to hint you'd find 2 values of 'a' leading to two different 'r' values.
  13. Forget grade boundaries -- you can literally get a 5/24 for your IA and still get a 7 for the course if you do exceedingly well on your papers. Your score out of 24 is converted into a percentage e.g. 17/24 = 70% and so that gives you 70% of the total allocated points for Internal Assessments, which is 20% of your overall grade. So you get 70% times 20% your overall grade, in essence attaining 14% of your overall grade already just from a 17/24. Refer to the syllabus on how grades are awarded, but each component accounts for a fraction of your overall grade e.g. Paper 1 = 20%, Paper 2 = 35%, P
  14. Criteria marks are holistic, so exceeding 12 pages MAY have played a factor in not getting a 4/4, but I doubt it was the sole reason. I had very neat and concise labels and titles for all my tables and figures as well as organized subheadings, but just reading the text I do think some parts could be made more concise. Also keep in mind that marks are moderated by the IB according to your teacher's grading accuracy for the whole cohort -- it's entirely possible the IA moderator thought I should have gotten a 4/4 for communication, but if he felt other people's IAs Communication marks were on po
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