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  1. I would recommend anything that has to do with philosophy, so maybe "Sophie's World" Graham Greene and Tobias Wolff are both pretty good. Maybe some biographies as well.
  2. Well, IB is basically the only one that is offered at my school. AP was offered and stuff, but when IB came around, everyone was just really enthusiastic about it for some reason. So yeah, basically, I too want to see what the fuss was about. Hopefully, I won't regret my choice. (I haven't actually started IB 1 yet)
  3. I think it sounds sound (no pun intended). I mean, you could conduct the tests by using equipment which should be available to you at your school. I actually did something similar to it when I was in the 8th grade. However, that's kind of the thing. It sounds a little simple- testing the resistance of different objects in different conditions. Also, we pretty much already know the answer. Like for example, we already know the characteristics of aerodynamic objects, because the test has been done and is always applied in real life. While a a EE doesn't have to be ground breaking or require the
  4. You may have already chosen your school by now, but I would say U of T. Toronto is probably the best well known city in Canada, and therefore I think you would have a lot of international exposure. Plus, you say you like the city and the program.
  5. Hi thar! Looks like we'll be taking the same higher level subjects. I think if I were you, I would take chemistry, especially if you want to, as you said, not rule out a career in medicine. Psychology is alright, but it doesn't really help anything in particular, so I would say only take it if you a. have heavy interest in it b. are positive you'll get a good grade in it. I also don't think you should take philosophy. With TOK as a compulsory, you might get a little tired of the subjectivity and the "we can be sure of nothing except self existence" stuff. I can't really think of anything else
  6. HAHAHA I found that really funny. Um well, maybe you talk about the formatting of the books. I know that Dracula was an epistolary novel, and the fact that a lot of teenager type books are written that way may be relevant to your paper. That may be a way it has effected culture... As for themes- maybe you could talk about secularism, as I remember that was an important one in Dracula. I think the issue is incredibly relevant today, as you can see examples from the American presidential election affecting voters.
  7. In my school, it's out of 45. Because it's not like everyone automatically gets the 3 points. Some people get 2. With a score of 45, you know a total score, which is a lot more useful. At least, (as I said) that is how they do it in my school.
  8. Ahhh Well, I think logic dictates that women should marry for love, right? Because you marry someone because you love them, right? But yeah, I'm not naive. I know that women (Although I'm sure men have as well) marry for money. Should they? Well, I really don't think it's that bad. I mean, who says love has to come in the form of marriage? You have your parents, your siblings, your friends... And besides, when you marry, you at least must like the person right? So even if he happens to be rich, at least you don't hate him. I really don't think it's all that bad, because love isn't the most imp
  9. I've studied the Spanish civil war. If you have any questions, send me a message or something. The book "For whom the Bells Toll" is also centered around the Spanish Civil war- I recommend you read it, as it is one of my favorite books and actually shaped the way I think.
  10. The people in the grade above me have spoken to me about this. In fact, my sister did one that is pretty much the same. She told me that she was instructed to write 5 pages, so that was roughly 2500 words, I think.
  11. Your topic sounds fine, but I think you are going to have relatively little to talk about, and therefore will have trouble meeting the 4000 quota. Also- I'm not sure how many other worldwide students of drama focus on Commedia Dell 'arte, but in my school I know quite a few people who are (and I'm not even in theatre arts) which means that it MAY be an overused topic. Only do it if you think you have some original ideas to present. By the way, if you are from Hong Kong, do you go to CDNIS?
  12. My school only has IB here. I think it may have had some other kind of American curriculum here before, but I can't remember it, which means it was here a long time ago. However, my school still has AP exams and stuff.
  13. Well, someone from my school recently got in, so I can tell you a little bit about what he did. He had a few sports, a few other things as well, but was primarily a good drama student and did a lot of school plays and other acting things. I'm pretty sure he had an IB score of 37. I'm in a school in the United States, but not California, so I guess he had a little bit of an edge over an international student.
  14. Probably English Literature. Although chemistry interests the hell out of me, so I'm a little stuck, since those two are kind of opposite... I'm sure I'll decide in the next two years though.
  15. I personally believe that Hard Work is more important at the end of the day. I think being a genius is great, but it won't always work. Say, for example, a hard working kid and a genius are both taking AP biology. Now, the genius, because of his "genius" track record would have less will to study, since, you know, he's a genius. The hard working kid would probably get right into it, and study maybe 3 hours a day. The end result is that the hard working kid will do better. I'm not saying that genius types are lazy, but generally they are over-confident and eventually wind up shooting themselves
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