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  1. If schools offer the opportunity to do so, you can take up to 2 SLs in your first year of IB. This is called "anticipated candidate". The previous chem syllabus, compared to the current one, had many stuff you just have to purely memorize. Though there's now still a lot of information in chem, the concepts/test questions are better connected to theory. Yeah, I doubt my school does, never heard of it. On another note, how have you found Maths HL? Were you, by any chance, an igcse candidate who took both the normal course as well as the additional one? What kind of background did you have o
  2. Wait, do SL courses only last one year??
  3. If you're considering doing something that is medicine related then definitely take chemistry. But if its very unlikely that you'll go for it then consider psychology. Psychology is conceptually not a difficult subject but what people struggle with is memorizing all the information you need for all the essays you have to write in exams. On that note, psychology is all about writing essays that relate to the learning outcomes in the syllabus. So if you don't like/aren't good at memorizing tons of information and/or hate/suck at writing essays don't take psychology. Can't say anything about ch
  4. Alright, thanks. On another note, is it possible to switch from one subject to another, say when I'm about 2 weeks into the course? For instance, is it possible to first choose psychology, then change my mind and go to chemistry?
  5. So I see that you took Chem SL and got a 6. How much was the workload? How big of a jump is it from iGCSE chem? Was it worth taking it as part of your ib? Also, are you from Singapore? Yeah, so wouldn't economics pair with maths. And if I took chem or psych, they would pair with bio? I know I am very indecisive, but I just don't want to screw it up. Did you take any of the subjects that I am taking? May I just emphasize that I am choosing between psych and chem SL. All of my HL choices are most probably going to remain the same, (unless I drop maths HL ) Well, I am definitely not go
  6. So I've got to submit my choices by the 23rd of Feb and I'm STILL unsure of my choices. Which is 'better'? HL: Maths, Bio, Econ SL: Eng lang-lit, Spanish B, Chem OR HL: Maths, Bio, Econ SL: Eng lang-lit, Spanish B, Psychology So SL chem or psychology? Which is easier, less workload, better applicable to later life, etc.... Thanks a lot! (BTW I am looking to go into comp science, something finance related, and yeah I dunno, I'm still not entirely sure. I may even do something medicine related IDK)
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