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  1. Yeah, the Confederate flag has a history of symbolizing racism and inequality. The only reason the flag was made in the first place was to represent the Confederacy, a faction of the US who were mainly fighting for the discrimination and marginalization of blacks. No one should be proud that their heritage can be drawn back to the Confederacy. Thusly, no one should be proudly advertising a legacy of discrimination and oppression.
  2. Would a statistical study on the 2016 presidential race be a somewhat decent math sl ia? I would analyze the correlation between the number of times a candidate has visited a state and the number of votes/precincts they got. I would also correlate the proximity of the state a candidate governs or represents to their success in other states. Needless to say, i would have a number of scatterplots and would perform a linear regression on my data to seek a line of best fit. Would this be a successful IA, or should it be more complex? I would greatly appreciate any suggestions for improvement, or e
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