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  1. Could someone that has gotten a good grade on their IA share it with me please
  2. You will probably end up losing 2-3 points in Section A (Criterion C)
  3. Hello people I am doing my IA related to Climate Change. Please could you fill out.t would help me a lot. It will take you only 6-15 minutes to finish it. Thanks in advance. Please do both of them. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QMPGZM6 https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QRLHQ99
  4. Hello, I have to do an assignment related to climate change or energy. It needs to be in an IA format. I need to make a survey questionnaire. I have already had some simple ideas which seem boring to me, such as: -making a survey where I would ask from people how much water, electricity, gas they use.... and then compare the results of people that have a different economical status, age, gender, and living area But these ideas are all the same and kind of repetative So I have formed this discussion in order to try to get out of the box. I am seeking for advice. What could be an interesting top
  5. Could you help me ...I do not know the proper answer... What are the uncertainties of global warming? I know that one of the uncertainties is due to its complexity.
  6. Yes it will be read. ALL OF IT. Yes there is no page limit, but it is recommended that your IA should have from 6 to 12 pages. Which would be 2500 words max.
  7. 30 pages is a lot. You need to make it shorter. There is not a big problem about the complexity of your IA. Since your teacher had told you to make it more simple, do it. The whole class does not need to understand it, but at least the top 5 students should understand it.
  8. Here are the grade boundaries for paper 2: 0-3 (!) 3-7 (2) 8-11(3) 12-14 (4) 15-18(5) 19-21(6) 22-25(7)
  9. My teacher marks them according to the previous years boundaries? What was the grade boundary for last year, for paper 2?
  10. So today I got my results of paper 2 in English B. I got 22/25. Could you please write the grade boundaries if you know them?
  11. It would still help me iif you had it, also topic 3.
  12. Do you have a Dr. Geoffrey Neuss Multiple choice qustion test (SL) from topic 4. I have a test and it would help me to see where I stand.
  13. Hello, I decided to make a post where people would share their experiences(as for previous years). What is you predicted grade/where did you apply/ where did you get an offer etc. In this way you would certainly help us ( in the first year of IB) to see where we are and what we can aim for. Please share, if you want..
  14. Hello Hyangjoo, I also claim that there should be an enormous disadvantage if you do not take the HL biology course, since you want to apply to Oxford ( Biomedical sciences or Biological sciences, both of them require 38+). Since I know that you can manage Biology HL it is better for you to move up, and maybe take into consideration of dropping philosophy and taking ESS or eventually moving up to English A Lit HL. But still with this combo (that you pursue) I think that there is a greater chance for you to get into Oxford for Biomed. Good luck..
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