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  1. Ib is very hard...like VERY tough. Tok in 1 sentence: how do you know what you know is true?jks, its not that hard honestly just really deep and stuff. Also dont slouch and find your IA topics asap!! you dont get much time trust me
  2. Personally, if I could go back in time, i would not have taken ib, maybe A levels. Why?? Too much 'unnecessary' workload and also math ia haha. All the submissions and the completion of your IAs and EE is usually done in your 2nd year which is also when you have to apply to universities and write a c*** load of essays meaning you dont get a lot of time on your hands! The good thing is the bond that you have with other ib students who get you haha that pretty much sums it all.
  3. good luck thats all i can say also why did you choose IB? just curious? Anyway some tips: Study hard and dont procrastinate even though most Ib students dont haha also try to finish your CAS in your first year and start getting your topics finalised for your IAs and EE during the 1st year! Its very hectic in the 2nd year
  4. Hey guys anyone need a pen pal for french? Im currently taking french Ab! Also anyone needs an english speaking pen pal? Im also available!
  5. Yes i had the same issue as you! I took french in grade 5 till 8 but stopped in 9 and 10 Honestly speaking it depends how well you are at learning languages generally, I for one am not! Generally the writing and comprehension bit is quite simple and easy but the oral part for me gets challenging (maybe not for others). A LOT of vocab memorisation and tons of tenses (which i really hate) you technically have to memorise all 8 or 9 of them! But i say its manageable if you consistently study and not leave it to the last minute unless you're really good. Thats all i got haha! Good Luck! (its an e
  6. Hey guys so I'm freaking out with all my IAs and EE! I need to find a topic for my EE as soon as possible before summer ends so that I can start my experiments. So far this is what I got: 1. Which brand (Ill be using 3 different brands) of an alcohol based hand sanitiser is most efficient against bacteria (I have access to a known strain of bacteria) is this grid enough and how can i expound on it cuz it looks simple! tq
  7. Hey guys i wanna do my maths IA on the rate of osmosis but i don't know how to further my study and to include more areas of maths into my paper can you please help to give me some ideas. i know that the rate will include some differentiation but thats all i can think right now! the deadline is very soon Thanks
  8. Hey guys so I really need to find an extremely fresh and interesting topic for my Bio EE, preferably, something that I can do in the lab!!! Thanks for all your suggestions!!
  9. Hey guys i was just wondering when should i start to take my SATs? What are the scores good enough for ivy league schools? And do i have to take SAT 2 or ACT exams? Thanks!!
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