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  1. Hey sorry for the late reply Short answer: yes I think it is enough. Long answer: it really depends on how (deeply) you're exploring each of your arguments. In my experience, I started with a plan somewhat similar to yours and as I researched to build my arguments, new things came up. This means that there are possibilities of lengthening things as you go along. Just stop when you fill up your allowed time.
  2. I think you could rephrase to 'To what extent are faith(superstition) and emotion reliable ways of knowing / means of producing knowledge?' I think your structure is fine. Just remember to continuously refers back to this question. I suggest you do that once at the end of arguments, then again at the end of counter arguments. To end the presentation, discuss what your whole presentation means/implies for the real life situation, then for knowledge in general. Good luck!
  3. I totally agree with inriya. To add: IB is already tough at its minimum requirement of 3 HLs and 3 SLs. Getting through is incredibly impressive! I'm not sure about your school, but in my school no one takes 4 HLs. Still, we have students who get to Ivy League, Stanford, UC Berkeley, etc. every year. They score 44-45... On the idealistic side, you can keep the HL if it's very relevant and important to you. Bad grades can be explained in a way that reflects your positive characteristics, like persistence and risk-taking; it's risky but I still got shortlisted for an intervie
  4. They don't, unless you send it to them. Still I doubt universities would look deeply into it. Some schools, I think, don't even have a place where you can submit extra stuff, like the UCs.
  5. Enjoy your summer! Perhaps if you're the reading type, bookmark anything interesting you found that are related to your subject choices. You may want to investigate these more for your IAs and EE in IB. My takes were something like election language (Lang Lit / EE), the Matrix (TOK presentation), bracketology (maths). I may sound nerdy but keeping notes of random things like that help. A good study habit (that I never have) is planning and sticking to your plan. Otherwise, relax and enjoy your summer. You will find your pace once IB starts.
  6. Hey : ) I'd like to to say don't get dissuaded by that A-! Maths HL does take time but for me, at least I know what to do, so it's fine unlike subjects such as english and history where I am reduced to staring into space wondering how to write better (like how???) For Maths I just have to make sure I have competent notes and I do my homework.
  7. If you're really really really want to keep choices open, I suggest swap History HL (or Econ HL?) for Physics. Econ HL has been easy for me but from what I heard it sounds like the most useless thing to keep choices open, because you do not need Econ HL for any finance or econ-related courses. On the other hand, a science HL is often the perquisite for many uni courses such as engineering, psychology, etc. I chose it however, because it's easy. It compensates for the difficulty of a Maths HL + History/a Science HL combination.History HL...the difficulty is on par with Maths HL, mostly due to
  8. Yep. In my school there have been quite a few changing their subjects, at the end of year 1 (that is, half way through the course). The culprit is Maths HL; too many underestimated its challenges. (A lot dropped it in the first 2 weeks though.)
  9. I'm from an allegedly nerdy school, so 6-7 hours a day and that's generally the amount my friends have as well.
  10. Hmm. If it's highly likely you will do engineering, Maths HL is nearly a must and it should be accompanied by Physics HL and Chem or Bio HL. It's a ridiculously difficult combination in my opinion so personally, as I wasn't entirely sure I wanted to do engineering, I didn't opt for it. Business doesn't have any specific requirement I rmb vaguely but If it does, it will be Maths because looking into Economics in colleges/unis, I rmb they don't even ask for Economics HL; they just want Maths HL and a generally good total IB score. As for in which subjects is 7 most accessible, in my school the
  11. I'll say: very? typically? It also depends on other subjects you take and what grades you want... I'm doing 2 Language As with Chem and Maths HL and I think a standard IBDP subject combination (no 4th HL or a 7th subject) can hardly get harder than that and I'm coping. It's good that you're leaving Physics undecided; it's better to confirm that you're confident with at least SL because I heard Physics HL is crazy.
  12. I'm The King of the Castle by Susan Hill for igcse. cut out for igcse, full of ostentatious symbols, weird plot, depressing, over-analysed.
  13. Les Miserables, abridged version for Viet Lit. For English it seems I won't be enjoying any of the books.
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