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  1. Guys I am having trouble going about this paper. I think I know the content but am having trouble framing it and organizing it. So my request is, Can you guys post the structure of the Paper-2 essay that i have to write and what should be there in each paragraph. Any tips will do too
  2. In my EE i have to collect information about the Consumers , Producers and the government. I am having trouble collecting primary data (interview) about the government, so is it ok if i use secondary data about the government because they publish annual reports regarding pollution ( my topic is regarding pollution). Will getting secondary data get reduce my marks by a lot. Because I have collected primary data from the producers and the consumers.
  3. In my EE do I have to put pictures of the people that I have interviewed, like few of the government officials that i am going to meet do I have to take a picture of him and then put it in my EE because many people will be unwilling to get their pictures taken. Is it necessary to have this kind of evidence
  4. I need help in finding the possible solutions for the Income Inequality. In this discussion please include the different causes of income inequality, the affect it has on the country and how to fix the problem. The solutions can vary from microeconomics ones to international one (like aid). This is a discussions so please feel free to challenge other peoples points also. Hope this leads to a good discuss which leaves us all smarter. Regards, Kunal Geed
  5. I am doing my Economics EE on negative externalities (Pollution of a river) and need to interview a government officer about this issue. However I am having trouble coming up with questions that I need to ask so I am asking for help on what kind of questions that I need to ask. Please reply as soon as possible, regards, Kunal Geed
  6. In my IA I am having a situation where there is high inflation rate while unemployment is increasing. The government has set the interest rate at 14.25% to combat the inflation. Now I how can I find a solution to both the situations in the Article, because if I were to increase aggregate demand then the inflation would rise but if I were to let it be the same unemployment would remain a problem. Regards, Kunal Geed
  7. Thank you. How can I represent increasing unemployment graphically. Should I just draw a Philips curve or is there another way I can represent it Regards, Kunal Geed
  8. I have a doubt in the philips curve. If the inflation rate is to remain the same while the unemployment rate increases, what is this situation called because on the philips curve it shifts to the right. Please answer quick. What is that situation exactly called or does it not have a name
  9. I am doing my EE in economics and I have to conduct an survey. The EE is about Externality so i have to conduct a survey. Now i need help in deciding what kind of questions should i ask in my survey. Can you help me come up with some questions for the survey Thanks for the reply
  10. G I have based my economics EE on externalaties. It is about a firm dumping waste in a a nearby lake to reduce their costs. Would this be a good idea for and Economics EE or would it not be a good one Thx
  11. My friend and i have similar topics, My topic is related to projectile motion of object and my friends is of another but we both have different aims, for example I want to find the most Optimum Angle to throw the object, he does not do this Will this be considered plagerism
  12. I want to do my explorations on Fourier transformation or Newtons Law of cooling, Can you guys give ideas based on what i can explore in either of them because i am having trouble figuring it out. Any Help is much appreciated. If you guys need more information please ask me if i can help
  13. People I want to do my Exploration on Fourier Transformation but i am unable to find out things to explore can you pls help
  14. I had fund a topic for my EE but i found that there is a EE on a similar topic already done so i would like to ask if it would be plagerism if i were to do it on that reasearch question. THe Countries are completely different and so are the products that are being analyzed
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