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  1. Yes! the calculus option is insane, I found series, Taylor and Maclaurin series to be the hardest, not so much the concept but the questions in the book:O
  2. Thank you that makes sense. Out of curiosity has anyone heard about comparing and contrasting historian views in the analysis? Like as one of those unwritten rules in IB I'm a bit scared that if I ignore my teachers advice that I'd end up paying for it later.
  3. Hi so my question is about the analysis, apparently it's one part that many people get wrong. What I'd done was concider the facts in my summery of evidence and explained its relevance to my question, I tried to reason why and how it could answer the question. My teacher looked at it and said what I wrote was a narrative and I should do a comparitive between contradicting points of views. Yeah so I'm really confused i'd really appreciate help or suggestions. My title/question is something like to what extent did the intellectual revolution lead to the formation of the first democracy in At
  4. I've looked at the criteria and it doesn't seem that getting the points is so hard. Yet my teachers keep telling me that getting an A is practically impossible, why?
  5. We're building it uuuuuuuuuup To tear it back down -linkin park We live in the cities you'll never see on screens Not very pretty but we sure know how to run things -lorde
  6. Finding focus is hard. I find that music helps at times. Nothing better than a long break to rejuvenate but you don't always have time for that. The priority list is great , atleast you'd get you're most urgent stuff out of the way and the rest you just gotta convince yourself don't matter in comparison, cause they really don't. Then there are those times where you get hung up on a whole lot of work and fail to focus on anything because they are all so important, in my opinion it'sbetter to do one thing and sacrifice the other and hope yoy can make up for it later. Then there are those complet
  7. I agree with that completely, here's proof. So there I was taking IB history and getting really low grades is tests. I studied really hard and people I knew didn't study as hard as I did sometimes did better. Took a while but I searched up how to answer history questions and following the guidelines started getting sevens. Point is that I definitely hadn't gotten any smarter just realised how the system worked. Einstein didn't fail school - that is a widely held misconception originating from Ripley's Believe it or Not. He was, in fact, brilliant right from his early years. http://content
  8. Right ,guess I had to change it anyways thank you. What about an investigation of what contributed to the end of Democracy in Greece?
  9. So I keep getting told to keep my IA simple, because it's not graded for being groundbreaking or anything. I'm skeptical about this though and I do want a good grade. I'm investigating the viscosity of different liquids and under different conditions. So too simple?:/
  10. Hi , I recently did my TOK presentation on something similar,(ethics on development of AI).I think it went well even though I don't know my score yet. The thing with ethics is that it's subjective which you would neeed to take into account. If you are using other areas of knowledge, its easier to make justifications with them before relating them back to ethics. Hope that made sense, if it doesn't I'll be happy to clarify.
  11. Hassan76 , How do you know your reasearch questions is 'exellent'? I'm currently doing my IA on the siphon and what attracted me to it is that the way it works turns out to bemore complicated than most people think. So what I want to be doing is clarify how it works and make demonstrations through experiments. I'm not certain how I'm going to phrase my reasearch question. Is there a general form a reasearch question should take?
  12. Nihal

    Chemistry HL

    This might be a bit specific but does anyone know a simple way of finding the freezing point of solutions with really low freezing points?
  13. You need to pick something you are genuinely interested in, theoretically you can do it on anything from anytime but it's recommended that you work on something related to the syllabus. I can't be more detailed because your options are literally infinite. As for my question, i'm pretty deadset on doing my AI on ancient history and I thought of doing a comparison on ancient and modern democracy. Problem is somewhere I read that the historical investigation should be based on something from at least ten years ago. Does this mean my idea isn't valid?
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