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  1. oh my gosh. I need my diploma at university registration on August 23rd ... that means I actually need it when I enter the plane on August 19th. Why the heck can't they send the diplomas of people who didn't want their exams to be regraded in time?? My coordinator said they wanted to send the diplomas in the second week of August. Which would be this week. So far nothing has arrived. And we have a ceremony on Friday.
  2. I neither finished Paper 1 nor Paper 2 (TZ2) :[ and i don't even know whether P2 was much better... luckily I got 7s on my portfolios (if they don't downgrade them ). Our option is "Sets and Relations", anyone doing that? First I thought it's really abstract and tough, but I'm now starting to get the routine and hoping it'll be gooood so it can sort of save me...
  3. Thank you for looking back on this post. Once I have more free time on my hands I will consider your advice . In the mean time I am glad that the problem didn't come up in paper 1 and paper 2... although the papers were still super tough and I have no idea what grade I'll get .... and it won't come up in my option.
  4. yes thank you i got that one now, as well.... damn Radians/ Degrees I had my mode in degrees. still, the markscheme doesnt have the edge, but whatever same zeros.
  5. Hey, I need some "urgent" help - math hl exam ummm ON WEDNESDAY ahh.. well okay, I found this problem (look at the attachment, please) and I interpret it as "y= abs(ln(x))- abs(cos(x))-0.1" and that is also how I entered it into my GDC (TI-84 plus). However, I arrive at a totally different solution than the mark scheme [i'll attach the official answer as well]. Now does "∣...∣" not mean absolute value in this case? or do I have to enter it differently? or is the official solution wrong? quick help appreciated... thanks!
  6. I found the definition: "dominant soil forming process (if soil-forming occurs) -> poor development of horizons with accumulation of calcium carbonate at or near surface -> sparse vegetative cover + tiny leaves -> little humus, light grey color --> aridisols (type of soil in arid environments)" I don't have the link anymore, it was in a glossary, so this is what i copied onto a flashcard i don't think we have to know it in detail... i only have the book "geography- an integrated approach" and in the syllabus there are so many things that i can't find in it . do you happen to have
  7. Well, I had to help myself, but I found something Under Syllabus -> IB Syllabus Changes one can find which topics are now HL and vice versa http://liakatas.org/chemblog/?page_id=476
  8. Hey, I'm revising the Settlement option and I don't really understand the difference between the global pattern of urbanisation and the global pattern of urban growth. I found this presentation, which is helpful in general, but confused me more concerning this question. http://www.slideshare.net/year12blanchgeography/urbanisation-and-suburbanisation?from=ss_embed It says: "Globally, rapid urbanisation ahs occurred in the past 50 years. Around 50% of the worlds population now live in towns and cities. Most urbanised continents: Europe North America South America Oceania Least urbanised co
  9. I did my presentation on Conscience in Huck Finn... it was only A2 HL, but anyways, I don't think there is a great difference . Any of the important themes would be fine. Classmates of mine did theirs on Growing up, Running away, Friendship... Just make sure to analyze key passages
  10. And another question ^^ Looking at the reaction pathways scheme from the syllabus, how do you get from a dihalogenoalkane to a trihalogenoalkane? addition of a hydrogen halide?
  11. Hi, do I understand it correctly, that according to the 2009 syllabus Chemistry SL students do not have to know about spontaneity, proteins and esterification? I always thought my study guide was tricking me when it didn't show these as SL, because they came up in past papers and because at a revision course they taught us about Gibbs free energy.... but I guess that was due to the old syllabus?! Thanks in advance.
  12. haha this is about as bad as it can for a May'10 candidate on April 16th. being extremely sleepy, fed up with studying and failed to realize that there is a time limit on the IQ test anyways. for the sake of your IA: May 2010, female, 19 years
  13. Thanks. Yes I guess it is "factorial". Sorry about that, I was already tired and got it mixed up, because the German word for it is the same as for "faculty" . So would you just solve it by trial and error? This is the given solution: (n +1)!−1>1000000000 (n+1)!>1000000001 from GDC minimum value of n =12 BTW, it is N06 P2, 1Bb ^^
  14. Hey there, I need to solve the inequality (n+1)!-1 > 10^9 But how can I solve it with my GDC? I moved the 1 to the other side and tried to plot them as y1 and y2 in order to find the intersection. somehow my TI-84 plus doesn't show the graph, tho Is it a problem with the window or can the function thingy not deal with "faculty"? Is there another way to do it? I'd be grateful for any help
  15. yes, do as many past papers as possible... and perhaps try to get ahold of this study guide: http://www.osc-ib.com/ib-revision-guides/default.asp?categoryid=13&pageid=156&pagetitle=IB-Mathematics
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