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  1. I'm currently taking IB Math SL as a junior at my high school and will be taking IB Math HL next year. My teacher is suggesting that I sit for the AP Calculus AB Exam in May, and she said that she will be giving me work to make up for the lack of calculus in SL Math that AP Calc AB covers. Is this something that is advisable? Calculus in Math SL comes very easily to me, but I know that it's very surface-level material. If the AB exam is advisable, does anyone know the extra calculus topics I should be focusing on to get prepared? Thanks!
  2. I want to write an English A1 EE comparing the authors' treatments of religion in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Life of Pi. I know these books are from very different time periods, but could I still effectively compare them? Also, I am having trouble generating a research question that guides my essay more towards literary analysis than philosophical discussion. Can anyone offer me some advice with this based on personal experiences?
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