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  1. thank you so much for calming me down ^^
  2. oh snap, I just got this (please someone competent, tell me this means that my points are irrelevant, and i get in if i score a 7 on IELTS!): Dear Miss Congratulations; University of the Arts London has asked us to tell you that it is offering you a place for Journalism, P500; starting in September 2010 at point of entry 1. The conditions of the offer are: This offer is subject to you obtaining Fees must be paid in full at or before enrolment Accept your offer online @ www.ucas.com (app enquiries) Early application for government student support advised Pass at IELTS with overall band score of
  3. the thing is, I got the email+letter, which asks me to apply through extra, and THEN they will give me the offer, and THEN i will accept it formally... If nothing has happened by noon tomorrow (as it looks now, i've only applied but have no offer) I'll give them a call... I sure hope it's unconditional though
  4. uh, I'll borrow your thread to link this stuff... (btw I also got 24p, and can't get in to any of my original offers because I didn't get the... ... Diploma.) This is an offer I got a few weeks ago, and I'm wondering if this might mean that I get in even though I didn't actually achieve a diploma. Dear Frei, Earlier in the year you applied for a place on the BA (Hons) Journalism at LCC. Although at that time your application was unsuccessful, I am pleased to say that we are now able to make a small number of additional offers. We have reviewed your original application, and we would now li
  5. Frei

    German B SL

    meiner größtes Abenteuer! or whatever. It felt like it went terrible, to be honest.
  6. psych HL 3 philosophy HL 4 German B SL 5 oh dear, I hope i get that stupid 3 in psych, otherwise I sure am screwed...
  7. I wrote about psychodynamic explanations to stuff, and the learning and biological perspectives of psychology... And also, the lincoln index, that is a simplified way of counting mobile organisms. Don't know if that's really useful for anyone... but still
  8. I did mine on a poem about time, a friend did his about a chocolate bar, a girl in our class did hers about barbie... Just pick something and do whatever, anything works...
  9. Frei

    The syllabus

    thanks a bundle!
  10. I second that, i have that revision guide at home and well its quite stupid to be honest. use Graeme's free notes instead.
  11. Frei

    The syllabus

    hi everyone, as you all know the exams are coming up sooner rather then later..."It used to be, eh Im fine, the exams are in a year, no need to study ill get there by then". Well now some time has passed and well it feels like the exams are around the corner (or at least the mocks are) so Im look for the syllabus of psychology on the net...Can't seem to find it, can anyone help a brother out? thanks!
  12. http://img114.imageshack.us/img114/1627/lenintrta013bj7.jpg uhm... whatever...
  13. "To what extent do the utilitarian principles of John Stuart Mill justify abortion in modern society?" 3996 words later, it's done...
  14. holy sh... Sounds like a lot of work for my poor school... But thank you very much for calming me down, I was really worried for a while there
  15. Does anyone know about breaks between tests and so on? On friday the 22nd, I have Phil HL p2 and p3, and also Psych HL p2 and p3, in 5.5 hours, if added... This means that I can have breaks on 30 minutes added, which seems... a little... little. 4 papers in one morning, I mean, seriously?
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