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  1. I saw my counselor today and we were just talking about the pamoja! They offered Psych HL and Eco HL, which I've wanted to take so much! I don't know if I can change more classes to pamoja...I really wanted to take these but my school doesn't offer it, and I had to choose a HL science which I am not good at...Anyways, things have been working out a little, they said I could do initio, I am so excited about this, thank you for your help! I'll have to wait a few days until I get the answer though
  2. Thank you for replying! My school doesn't offer that. We only have either SL or HL, and the languages available were only Spanish and French. Also, I have actually asked the teachers and they said they just started this IB two years ago, and they don't have experience working with pajoma yet, so they can't tell. I don't what to do.
  3. First a quick intro of myself, I was raised in China so my mother tongue is Mandarin, also I speak fluent Japanese and English. I came to U.S two years ago, currently in 11th grade, so I didn't take the MYP. I went straight for IBDP from a public school. I was a quick learner, but now I have ADHD and OCD and depression, but I really think I'm getting better under my medicine and I think I'm fine in the program even under these conditions. I really want to stay in this program. I've only had one year of Spanish(Level 1) in 10th grade. School has started a week and I've realized the other k
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