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  1. Our teacher did not metion any topics of IA for physics.... Actually I also do not know the parts of G4P... How should i write a G4P report..? Please help me!
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  7. I need to do my Physics IA now.. But I have no Ideas about how to do it. Can anyone help me and tell me what should i do in physics IA?!~ Thanks a lot!~
  8. i will be so glad that we can get contact. i have chosen chinese,english b, economics as high level and math, history, physics as standard level. you can add me as a friend... keep in touch
  9. i am not sure about which treaties are... i am asking this question base on the syllabus from ibo... i am also wondering what this topoc is all about. could you help me about that? i will be appreciate that.
  10. I need some help on the geopolitical and economic impact of the treaties on Europe? i can not get the real meaning of this and i can not find any information for this topic. Please help me
  11. To dear all, I want to apply to the universities in Hong Kong next year. I will finish my IB DP2 in 2010. I am planning to apply to the universities in HK. Now I wonder how many of you are going to apply to the universities in HK? How much of you prediction scores?
  12. i do not know about the other school...but at mine... the students were not doing so well in IB Final.. maybe because they are lazy with themselves. i think they've got lower than 30s. But i am hoping this year, we can do much better than they have done.
  13. kirak

    Chinese History

    hello to you, i wonder do you still need that help? can you understand chinese language? i mean if you do,i will help you in chinese...maybe will help to understand in the better way... if you can not understand chinese, i will help you in english... if you really need help>? feeling free to ask me...welcome!
  14. tell me what you do not understand about chinese history, and then i will try to help you about that topic.
  15. Thank you for the infomation, and i think doing a well known topic will be better than just do some topics that others are not familiar with them...
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