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  1. So for my Physics HL IA, I am planning to see how the number of magnetic stages, as well as the distance between the stages, in the Gauss rifle affects the distance travelled and velocity of the ball bearing that is launched. Is this a good topic or would it be too simple? Thanks in advance
  2. There's a reason why nobody does that...
  3. So my math teacher asked me to submit an IA topic by the summer break for the Math HL exploration. One topic I was particularly interested in was the hedonic pricing method, which is statistical regression technique that is used to estimate the market value of real estate properties such as houses etc. However, I'm not entirely sure if such a topic would be feasible as I'm worried that my IA may turn out to be more economics based than math based. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  4. My subjects are Math hl Economics hl Physics hl English SL Spanish ab SL Chemistry SL I plan to go into the field of economics in the future. The thing is, while I'm good at physics, I don't necessarily like it much and I've heard that if you don't have a real passion for physics then hl would be much more difficult to score a good grade in. But I'm worried that psychology is kinda looked down on by top colleges and universities in the us since it isn't necessarily as challenging as a subject like physics is. Could someone give me some advice?
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