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  1. My title is, 'To what extent does Torquay Boys' Grammar School have a, and contribute to a Global, Carbon Footprint?' Nearly finished. I think. You never really know, do you? I do not recommend essays which entail such a similarly large amount of referencing!
  2. Loool, that's a good idea I might do that first and say 'just joking' and proceed with the real thing. It has to be around 3 mins long ysee (I think). I guess you're right about pointing out some of the bad things. I was thinking before about presenting a girl who picks up a newspaper or something, reads out a bunch of negative headlines about youth and then thinks how alien it seems to her. But I don't see how that could last very long lol Hmm. Thanks a lot btw, I feel more confident dealing with it now! Although the acting thing still seems a bit 'yikes', lol - inevitably I spose...
  3. Ahh thanks very much for this, and for the very quick reply too. Basically, we're studying A Clockwork Orange at the moment, and I think they are using this as a kind of introduction to it. All else I have to add are the instructions: '..develop an individual piece as a young person reflecting on contemporary youth culture - imagine your friends, where you hang out, what you are doing, are you in any trouble etc.' The examples that they give don't leave much to the imagination for me..
  4. So, the titles probably/hopefully make this pretty self-explanatory, but I've been given the above assignment for Tuesday and, since I haven't done drama for many years, I have no idea how to go about it (without ending up being awful). I have to act it out myself, too (and I'm the only girl in my class - but now I'm just whining!) Any ideas/aid? Thanks a lot in advance
  5. Yasmeen

    The Oxbridge Guide

    I have a question...It says it's highly recommended that we have an inclusion of the Maths Mechanics module in order to study physics. What does that correspond to within the IB? Basically, as long as you take Physics higher along with Maths higher, you'll be okay: the Mechanics module is covered by Physics in the IB, instead of Maths (as opposed to A levels, which has it the other way around - though perhaps mechanics is mostly covered by Further Maths with A levels, I'm not really sure. Either way, you're from Denmark, so that's irrelevant, sorry =S lulz).
  6. Don't worry, you're not! I'm 4'9", which I believe means I lose here (Interestingly - on a tangent - we are going to be taking similar subjects in Sept. ) Edit: oops, except we're not, because I misread maths SL for HL >__< ah well, similar enough.
  7. Cool, that's quite interesting... I'm hoping that the unis here will allow me to do medicine with my subjects, if I suddenly decide to in the end... Fingers crossed
  8. I have no idea what I want to do in terms of a career! I like too many subjects However, I managed to narrow my choices down to what I figured would give a wider spectrum for uni choices - i.e. the sciences and mathematics, as opposed to HL languages, etc. since there are so many different science/maths-based courses... and you can still take law. Also, I presumed (maybe wrongly!) that there would be less competition/ it would be easier to get a job with a scientific degree as opposed to artsy. Usually better paid, too. Obv., I do really like science, as well. The dilemma is, though, that wh
  9. Are you joking? O___O If not, I'm off to play basketball..
  10. Yasmeen

    The Oxbridge Guide

    Ah, great - that cleared things up, thanks a lot! Sometimes I wish you could take 3 at higher level for two years, and another 3 at higher level for another 2 years Thinking about what you want to ultimately do so early on is difficult...
  11. Yasmeen

    The Oxbridge Guide

    Thanks! Very, very interesting and helpful. However, I'm not sure how much I trust it... I mean, it seems that there is a huge amount of leeway in the subjects you can take at A-level (i.e. if you take sciences and maths at higher level, you could study the majority of those courses. For some, it makes out that all you need is a background in a certain subject) So does that mean if I were to change my mind about taking a scientific-type course and go for Oriental Studies instead, just for instance, I could? (for that it says that a language is recommended - which of course you would have with
  12. Interesting! I live in Torquay and am going to a first-time IB school in Sept, too. They planned for 30, but there are around 35/38 of us. I've never heard of Ivytown only Ivybridge.. =/
  13. My school set us A Clockwork Orange to read over the summer - w00t!
  14. Rofl / I'll thank for you for that advice - and reprimand myself for not taking it - later, I'm sure! Seriously, though, thanks a lot for the UK-specialised advice, especially. Think I'll still take that risk of HL Maths, because shall need it for uni, unfortunately... I most likely wouldn't be taking IB unless it was at the school that it is (a respected one, thankfully) because that would obviously be such a huge risk in this country Clearly, one of the most important points is to work hard from the start. Good idea vis. asking for past papers for each topic, I'll keep that in mind! Tha
  15. I just wish I was a fast reader - I'd read soo many books O_O Ah well.. I read War and Peace last year, bit laborious (only in the sense of the 1000 odd pages because it's still very enjoyable) but so worth it. Catch-22 is hilarious! Anything a bit Jeeves-ish, a bit PGWodehouse-y, I love. GEORGE ORWELL I like classics, really. For Jane Austen readers, Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier is great
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