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  1. Read up on the exam formats from each class you take ahead of time. It's important to know the key words and command words (the type of question they ask you). One of the challenges I had to overcome was learning how to answer an IB question correctly. So learn the structure of the exam and also go through the mark schemes. One important thing is if you don't understand something, ASK! Many people are intimidated when it comes to asking teachers questions they think are stupid. But its important. The MOST important thing I can ever tell you: Time Management. This is so important in IB! Some
  2. Hi! While I think that what everyone else has said on this topic so far is important since it's true that you can take English B and that from what I've read from you, you seem more than proficient in the language, I'm just going to answer your question straight out. So here are some pointers: Since you're not in IB yet, I highly suggest that from now on and over the summer, read some books. I suggest you read the books that are highly popular and critically acclaimed ("Jane Eyre", "To Kill A Mockingbird", "1984", etc...) this way, if you get stuck with anything in the book, you'll find plen
  3. Wow! It's so weird to read what you've written because it sounds exactly like something I would have written a year ago! It's so relatable to me because I could empathise word for word with what you said. Now that I've graduated, I am so happy to tell you that it really doesn't matter! Being closer to a teacher will help you more rather than being closer to any student. This is the time to get closer to your family and your friends outside school, and when you know you have people who care about you outside of school, it helps! Like for me, I got really close to my sister and it just gives yo
  4. Thank you very much for this post it helped me a lot and gave me an idea on how to write my EE now thanks thanks Happy to help
  5. As everyone else has suggested, I just wanna add to them. You have to make your question more focused. You mentioned you wanted to look at the Islamic culture and the Burj Khalifa. Writing about one building won't be easy as you need 5000 words in your essay! So look at more than one. Take the Burj Khalifa as a modernisation of a culture, and then look at more traditional islamic buildings to add some contrast. However, the Burj Khalifa is actually designed through a more environmental lens rather than cultural, as the design when viewed from above forms the shape of a flower, native to the
  6. Plagiarism really isn't that hard to avoid as long as you're careful with in-text citations. Don't put your work into a Public Domain, there isn't any good reason to, so why put yourself at risk? Also, if you're worried about your essay being plagiarised, I suggest you use a website called 'WriteCheck', which, for a small fee you can upload a few of your essays into. I used it too. The thing about the website is that it is owned by Turnitin, and made especially for students, so if you upload your essay into WriteCheck, it won't show up when your school uploads the same essay into Turnitin.
  7. No, I didn't pay to begin with since it was my school who had initiated the re-evaluation themselves without us asking them as they felt that there was a good chance of it increasing.
  8. I was just remarked for one of my language courses in which I had 66 per cent initially, and was 1 percent away from a 6, but now that it is remarked, it came down to a 57%!!! I just find that so confusing because I did a lot of research before beginning the whole remarking process and a lot of places said that if you are 1 mark away from the next boundary, it is highly unlikely to go down by too much (at most 3 - 5 percent). I'm extremely upset about this as I worked very hard to bring my mark up and was told by my teacher that I had very good chances of going up if I get it re-evaluated. Ha
  9. I would usually look through past papers, although I don't like relying on them too much because they kind of make you go into a safe zone in which you're comfortable with certain types of questions that come up a lot in past papers, and then when you get a different question on your test, you are completely thrown off. So thats one warning I'd like to bring up for you, is that past papers aren't always reliable, but you should definitely go through them, just don't base your entire studying on past papers. Other than that, I looked at key terms and memorised their meanings, practiced how
  10. Hi! Firstly, a six point jump in DP2 is VERY doable! And I think you'll be able to do it! Do you know why? Because I jumped up 9 points in year 2, and people around me jumped up even higher. So really, you can do it!
  11. I'm planning to remark my visual arts grade as I got a 5 (1 point away from a 6). What is the likelihood that it would go up? Do any of you know how often the marks go up and how often the marks are graded down? Like is there any statistical info on this?
  12. Thanks! But the problem with my class is that our coordinator actually just finished working for our school (he left after our results came out and discussing them with everyone who failed) and we still havent been introduced to the new coordinator :L Oh well... Do you have any clue when and if they will be available for us to view?
  13. Hey guys, I hope you all met your university offers and that your results went well! I was just wondering when a breakdown of our results is released on IBIS? Like the marks of our IAs, exams and all that stuff.
  14. You could register for the May 2016 session, and take a gap year if it doesn't affect you that much. However, before you can register, you have to contact your IB coordinator and they have to approve your request to register. Sometimes the teacher may advise you against it because resits do not always end successfully as people sometimes tend to lose marks rather than gain marks. This often happens when a student is already reaching their full potential in an exam, so gaining enough marks to make a significant difference can be difficult for them. You pay a fees for re-registration, so perhap
  15. Hi! Doing retakes is really common in my school, and from what I know, I hope it will help you! Basically, the first thing you have to do in my school is get guidance from the IB coordinator of our school. The role that they play in this process is that they look at your grades and the grade boundaries together, and give you advice on whether or not they think that a retake will make a difference. (This is considered based on what grade you got on your IA, and at what percentage you currently have in the overall grade), for example, if you were at 41% in language B which gives you a grade 4,
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