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  1. Hello Current Ib choices HL: Biology English A1 Literature Economics SL: Maths Ab Spanish Film Studies I have my heart set on UCL law, is this subject range appealing to universities? Will taking film studies disadvantage me I have heard unis do not really pay attention to Sl subjects? Also, if you don't mind me asking, what were/are your IB subjects if your aspiration is to study law?
  2. Hey I have just finalised my choices: HL: Econ Physics English Lit SL: Maths Ab Spanish Film I was thinking of studying law at uni, will uni's like oxford and UCL look down on me for taking film studies? I have heard uni's don't care about standard levels. Is Economics HL hard if you have never studied Econ before? Also is Physics HL worth it (is it suuuuuper hard), should I swap to Bio???? Sorry for all the questions I don't have anyone else to ask, Ib is fairly new to our school.
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