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  1. Yeah, way more difficult than the mocks. I seriously hope they lower the grade boundaries this year.
  2. Yeah paper 1 was easy. those two are out of syllabus ? i will ask my teacher tomorrow. In paper 2 the labelling i did was : 1)bacterium 2) plasmid 3) desired gene 4) host cell ( i was confused and didnt know what to write) yeah i am also losing one point in the allele question i just wrote one set of genotype in the nerve impulse question i wrote about when the impulse reaches the end of pre synaptic neuron the calcium ions open and the neurotransmitter do chemical reaction in post synaptic neuron. Is it correct ? It's how the nerve impulse is passed along the membrane, so no not synapti
  3. I'd say being able to work hard and effectively is a sign of genius. I've seen a guys who weren't the brightest, but tactically very smart and they all ended up with the top grades
  4. Hey guys, I really have no clue how to prepare for the psychology exams. So my question here is, whats the best way to prepare for these exams? Does anyone here have any useful tips when answering the exams questions or when revising for the subject? Cheers in advance, Latim.
  5. Hey guys, I've got my TOK presentation coming up soon but im struggling to think up a solid knowledge issue. i was thinking Genetic engineering, with the knowledge issue: What role does ethics play in the advancement of Genetic engineering? but im not entirely sure yet. I was thinking of using the popes comments where he called human genetic engineering a moral sin. Any input would be greatly appreciated ASAP.
  6. my title is: ”All knowledge claims should be open to rational criticism.” On what grounds and to what extent would you agree with this assertion? Im just trying to brain storm some ideas at the moment. Right now I'm thinking of discussing natural sciences and possibly religion. However they seem to be two Areas of knowledge which are used pretty often. Anybody got any other suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  7. No you dont. If you've got Bio HL and Math HL as you say you'll be able to get into uni's as long as you state that your school does not offer the HL course. Two of my friends are looking to study medicine without HL chemistry. But i would advise that you try to catch up on the HL chemistry sections and possibly some A-level chemistry during the summer after your IB to make sure you are ready for the beast that is Medicine. Good luck
  8. A-level's and IB shouldn't really be compared. I did a year of A-level's before i moved away. I can honestly say that the amount of depth in the A-level subjects is much greater than HL, no one should be fooled by seeing how many people get A's. The reason why so many people are getting A's is because they are freaked out by how hard the exams are. If you think HL maths= A-level maths you are having a laugh (don't even get me started on Biology). But at the same time IB is much more rigorous in terms of work load, but people shouldn't ignore the fact that it's much easier to get a 7 in a HL su
  9. Yeah thanks a lot guys. I've been emailing the real estate agencies but no response, I'll swing by this weekend when i arrive in Sweden again.
  10. Thanks a lot for the advice guys. One more thing, does anybody know it it is at all possible to find quantity demanded for housing in a particular area? I'm assuming firms could potentially be pretty secretive about those kind of details IF they are available. What are your thoughts?
  11. Does anybody here know a quick and straight forward way of drawing Economics diagrams on the computer? i've been trying to do this on paint and on Microsoft word but the new 2007 design is killing me!
  12. That's the problem with the first title. Most of the marks you get are based around your primary data. You get very few marks for secondary data seeing as the information would not be my own.
  13. That is exactly my point and it is the reason why I've decided to switch my topic. By using the smoking title instead, i can use questionaire's as my primary data amongst other things. However, if you or anyone one else has any other suggestions i would really appreciate it.
  14. Hey guys. I have chosen to do my EE in Economics. Initially i had planned on making the essay about house prices and how the price elasticity of demand varies within different areas of Stockholm. However, I'm starting to have second thoughts on the topic as it will be quite difficult to gather the appropriate Primary data required for this investigation. I'm kind of at a cross roads right now and have been pondering about whether to switch the topic to " How negative advertising affects the demand for cigarettes." Reason being is that it is much more straight forward and it would be much easie
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