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  1. wait, there's a such thing as November retakes? I thought you have to wait a year and do it in may?
  2. ok thanks again, last question, how exactly do you recieve points from the ee, does it have to be well done?
  3. ok thank you. So, how exactly do I contact the Ib -coordinator? Also, what does a 4 translate to percent wise?
  4. Hi Guys, Like most of you, I have just seen my IB marks and have a couple of questions. For the total IB score (like the one they look at to see if you pass), are course marks the only things that effect it or can the extended essay also make the score go up (I was wondering if I should give it my all for the ee). And about remarking, how exactly do we do it? Do I need to wait until school reopens and then would they change my mark during my grade 12 year (which I am going into). Also, should I remark my chem exam which was 2 marks away from getting a 5? And last but not least, how much wi
  5. Hey guys, so I'm going into my senior year and I've finally started to think about uni. However, there's alot of questions I have so I'm hoping you guys can help me. First of all, how does co-op work? Do you have to apply to program that offers co-op from the start? How exactly does the process of being in a co-op program even work, what do you do? How do you get into one? Also, what is the diffidence in types of degrees for some programs? I have seen a lot of programs with the same name (computer science) but some are bachelors of arts and some are bachelors of science, how exactly do the
  6. My teacher actually advised us against doing Environmental...she told us that everyone thinks it's the easiest but it's not. (I'm doing Analytical Chemistry and let me tell you, that's not too bad.) But after a quick search, I found a couple things. Dunno if it'll help you or not: http://ibchemistry-review.blogspot.ca/p/option-e-environmental-chemistry.html - I have no idea if this is the entire syllabus for Environmental but it seemed thorough enough (sorry, I don't know much about it, so I don't know how much detail you'd like) I'd suggest you read the actual syllabus though (and in c
  7. So guys, I have like 12 hours until my P3 Sl Chemistry Exam and I still have to learn another optional. So far, I've learned drugs and medicine, I heard that environmental is easy to learn so I'm planning on doing that one. However, the best notes I could find for Environment are 16 pages which isn't really that long but considering how much time I have to study and how detailed the notes are (with small font), I was wondering if anyone could help me get notes that are about 10 pages, or just a fast way to learn. Any Ideas?
  8. Sorry, posted this on the wrong topic, https://www.youtube.com/user/mathsl1/videos
  9. I hope it's not too late but try https://www.youtube.com/user/mathsl1/videos
  10. a 3 to a 7! That's crazy. Anyways, I've been watching richard thornley this morning (I woke up really early), and he has been really helpful!
  11. Good to know, what type of notes are you using to study? Ones that I wrote based on what my teacher gave us and taught us in class. I'm going on over the theories and example calculations and practice Qs for the exam. Feeling screwed though so yay... Oh gotchu, too bad my teacher barely gave us any good notes. Have you also tried richard thornley's videos?
  12. I've been thinking about marathoning all his videos tommorow (while making notes at the same time of course). Do you think that would really help? Because to be completely honest, I was just gonna watch his videos and do the Question Bank questions after that. If I have a problem with a question, I can use my teacher's notes for more details. Is that a decent plan?
  13. Good to know, what type of notes are you using to study?
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