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  1. Option A seems better on the basis that it has English A, something I beleive UK Unis may either require or appreciate more, perhaps even at HL. By taking both Psych and History HL, you are keeping your options open. As for Bio vs. Chem, which one are you better at? Have you take them in Y9-10? Bio HL is known for being the 'easiest' of sciences, but it really depends on you. It's a stretch, but maybe biology will help you in relation to psychology Also, don't focus solely on oxbridge or UCL etc, cus there are so many great unis in the UK! Definitely look around, compare courses, location, fi
  2. So far I am done with my TOK presentation, Geography IA, Biology IA and both my language B written assignments. I still have my EE (95% done), my Math IA to finish (40% done), my TOK essay (20% done...I will probably bullsh*t this slowly over a course of 2 weeks haha), and two English A written tasks to start.. ugh (WT1 I didnt do yet, and the WT2 I did I was not happy with). Hopefully I manage to finish up all these 'longterm' tasks this month and then focus solely on revision!
  3. I agree that it's hard because no university will take a student seriously if they say watching CSI is what sparked their interest in the topic, even tho it is perfectly justified IMO haha. Has there ever been a criminal case in the news which caught your eye and motivated you to find more information? Or have you noticed any problems in your city/a place you went/international news which mkaes you eager to change/fix/prevent them etc? Another thing I have heard which is helpful is to mention books you have read on the topic and how they impacted you rinterest. Look into doing an short intern
  4. I am confused that you take IB, yet some teachers don't know what IB is? Thats some next level mismanagement right there.. My school is similar in the fact that they dont give 'official' predicted grades until right before the IB exams (which is great for those applying to german unis, which have a deadline of ~October of 2017). Only a few of us wanted to apply in the UK, so we talked to our IB coordinator to write our references and from what I understood, average our past report card grades to arrive at our predicted grades (this is a garbage system). I don't think you necessarily
  5. Thanks for the tips! I finished it a few days ago and I'm happy with the result! let's see what my teacher says..
  6. Hey guys, I'm writing a blog post for my german b written assignment. I am just above the 400 word limit and i'm struggling to cut it down, however atm I am including the title and bits like "written by N. B. on December 25th, 2016" because it's a blog post and it supports the text type. Do these words count towards the final word count? If not it'll save my life haha. Thanks!
  7. I'm not 100% sure, but my friend is making one for her IOP and her teacher seems to have approved her idea. I just don't know how it would then be an oral presentation.. I think she will still be talking but also showing the video she made in between!
  8. I can't really give any recommendations because there are so many! I would first try to find a topic that you're interested or an author you enjoy reading and start there. Or you could start with a certain theme (coming-of-age, greed, isolation, empowerment etc) and try to find two books that share this theme. If you google 'books about greed Goodreads' you can find a bookshelf on Goodreads with lots of book on that subject. I also want to write my EE in english so I'm gonna be doing the same during my break :') Good luck!
  9. Do you guys think this book is suitable to read in German B HL? Can someone tell me if there are a lot of complicated words, because my german is pretty good except when it comes to really particular vocabulary & I think this story would be really interesting to read!
  10. Hey guys, Our teacher is telling us to start writing written tasks and I want to write mine about Power and Privilege- "2) Which social groups are marginalized, excluded or silenced within the text?" with the topic of cultural appropriation when it comes to cornrows being seen as a "fresh, new trend" when white celebrities have that particular hairstyle. Do you think this is a good topic? My doubts have to do with the fact that the text I will be using are articles from magazines or beauty websites... I keep seeing people writing about Shakespeare and so forth, I'm starting to think that m
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