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  1. Dang it, I am wasting my time for no reason! Peace fofo.
  2. Hey man, long time no see you. How have you been? Since it is only Pre-IB, you still have many time to think about if this (IB) is good for you, or a good choice. If you keep working at it, and not play games (like Minecraft, to name a few), and still no good grades in Pre-IB, maybe think about other pathways. Just keep working at it! I believe in you! Peace fofo.
  3. Are we allowed to send him help via email? Peace fofo.
  4. Maybe, have you heard of the "Observer Effect"? Look that up, maybe helpful to your presentation! Peace fofo.
  5. Maybe you should focus on a certain aspect of his personal life, instead of looking at his personal life as a whole. If you get me? (Like, you can look at his hobbies) Peace fofo.
  6. Umm I think it depends on the teacher.. You should not be docked marks for having cue cards as long as you don't read off of them too much and you make it look natural. Mm, yes, a very valid point for sure. I was only told by my teacher that, by using hand gestures we will get good marks for "presentation" criteria. Peace fofo.
  7. Mmm, I think "share a coke" not only in Australia? Just saying~! (You should be mindful of this) Peace fofo.
  8. Oh, yes, a tip for making your speech more engaging is to use you hands a lot, in order to engage your viewers. Of course to do this you will need to know your presentation very well, because you cannot do it with cue cards in your hand. (This is under the presumption that you will be recorded doing the presentation, as I have been) Peace fofo.
  9. Hello I am recently started helping out at a local lawyer firm, because i am in desperate need of service hours. As you are all aware if we do not complete CAS hours, we will be denied from our IB diploma! So, I am helping them do things like: Typing up documentsSome simple translationSorting documents out (adding them to a list on a Word document, checking all listed documents are in the correct box etc.)Helping make folders which are needed for cases (eg all documents for a case will be put in a folder)Tearing documents, for recyclingPlease be mindful that I am in no way getting paid for the
  10. What? What do you mean a "practice" run? I was never allowed practice IOP? Please elaborate! Peace fofo.
  11. This website is very very good. http://ibhistory.weebly.com/ Good source of secondary resource, if you get me. Peace fofo.
  12. Yes best advice is that do not make your topics very very broad. More specific=better focus=better marks=better analysis! Peace fofo.
  13. Yes HL is good to try and "put your toe in the foot", or so to say (to the same effect). If it getting too tough, you can just drop down a level to SL! Peace fofo.
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