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  1. Finished EE, TOK presentation, most IAs Still working on TOK essay, Bio IA
  2. Hi, I'm trying to outline my TOK presentation and my question is "To what extent does artistic and religious knowledge challenge our ethical beliefs?" My real life situation is the novel Lolita by Nabokov and how he challenges the way we see pedophilia. I need two more real life situations + claims and counter claims and guidance on how to structure it. Please, I'm really lost! Thank you
  3. I actually use an app on my computer called pomodoro time and it gets you to work for 25 minutes and then you can have a break. I find that when I work for long hours the information stops getting into my brain and that's why 25 minute periods are the best I recommend 25 minutes of work and 5 (10 max) minutes of break time so you can get up, maybe go to the kitchen etc To me, this is the most effective way to study
  4. I know there is no physical proof that God doesn't exist and there is no argument against that. But I can feel God and in the hardest times of my life, He has been there for me and He has helped me look at the good side of situations. Maybe this makes me a bad catholic, but I believe that we are able to interpret God as we may and maybe the way I see Him differs from the way my mother sees Him. I like to believe that even when you die, what happens to you after that is up to you. Call me a bad christian but I think religion is a lot about spirituality and not just going to church every Sunday.
  5. I'm catholic and I am doing the IB. I have never felt stressed or insulted throughout this school year nor during the MYP due to religious matters. We did discuss Religion and Religious knowledge systems in TOK a few months ago. A group of people in my class are catholic too and most people who are atheists are pretty okay with it, however, we did get into a small debate with two or three people who started insulting religion. Nevertheless, that was a 50 minute class. We're all very good friends anyways and religion was never an issue. The IB teaches you to be open minded and going to an inter
  6. Im finish my first year of the DP and I'm doing English Lang&Lit SL and Portuguese Lit HL I'm not going to lie, you'll have more work than most of your friends. I hate seeing my friends going to their language Bs and ab initios where they don't do much work. But at the same time I am so glad to be doing both. I really enjoy literature and I'm doing both Lit and Lang&Lit which have a very different syllabus and assessments. Because I'm not yet sure where I want to study (Portugal or UK) both languages will come in handy. I definitely recommend doing english in the IB because it improves
  7. We did A Dolls House in Portuguese lit in part 1 I really enjoyed it especially getting to study her journey throughout the play
  8. I need help!! I'm doing my Extended Essay in Economics and I chose to do it on the airline industry. I wanted to do it about price discrimination and how a specific airline uses it (How does TAP use (third degree) price discrimination in order to increase revenue?) I talked about when you book you're flights and such but my teacher said I wouldn't find enough info on it.. Also, I am now realising how hard it actually to research on this because all of the information I can find is too broad and general to all airlines. She told me I should do it on market structures, something along the line
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