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  1. Your teacher will probably hand you a set template or something with the required contents. You'll be doing labs before the actual IA, so there's no need to worry about the structure -- you will have been accustomed to it by the time you do your IA. Appendices are allowed and are not included in the 12-page limit.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm thinking of an EE in theatre. My school hasn't introduced the EE yet, but I thought it'd be better to plan ahead a little bit so that I don't get overwhelmed by the work. Are there any restrictions on the theatre EE topics? Do we have to do it on a specific practitioner/tradition (as we do in the IB Theatre Syllabus) or can we do contemporary works as well? Any other advice regarding a theatre EE or the EE in general would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, So I've been doing some Paper 1 practices in class (I'm in Year 11) and one thing I can't seem to get around is the conclusion for the Comparative Textual Analysis! I start out okay at the introduction, I get the content alright, but I never know what to put in the conclusion. I'd love some help! Any other tips regarding Paper 1 would be highly appreciated!
  4. Me and my best friend are applying to the same university: Columbia. We are very similar: we had top grades (which are exactly the same in total) for the MYP and now we are in the DP. We take three of the same subjects: Math SL, English A LangLit HL, and Psychology (SL for her, HL for me), two of which we are in the same class. We have great CVs and SAT scores, and we complement each other very well. Also, what I lack in one thing I make up for it in another, and vice versa. We work very closely in terms of extracurriculars as well. What I wanted to know was, is there a huge likelihood tha
  5. A very useful iPhone app I use is called Pocket Schedule. You can input your timetable (complete with room number), information about your teachers (email, phone number, etc), any assignments and tasks/projects (separate section for the former and latter) and set alarms for due dates. Five minutes before each class starts, your iPhone will usually light up to show you what class you have next, but there's no beeping alarm so it won't disrupt your current activities. If there are holidays in your semester, you can input that too. The best part is that it's free and easy to use!
  6. What are you doing for your EE? How is it working out for you so far? I think I'd do one character, maybe two if there's enough space. Thanks for your help!
  7. I think one or two characters across two genres would be about right! I'll probably conduct research for several characters across all the genres, and then decide which characters across which genre to write about. Thank you for your help! And yes, I do mean only one, though I'm thinking of a double degree + a master's degree so maybe I will try for more than one of the listed unis..
  8. What are the grade boundaries for the WT2 in English A: Lang/Lit HL? How many marks would you need to get a 7?
  9. 42 downloads

    An official guide from the IBO dissecting each criterion and additional guidance for the Math SL IA, marked 2014 onwards.
  10. I'm in my first year of IB and teachers haven't talked about the EE yet, but I've started thinking of possible topics. This topic has been on my mind since freshman year, when my English teacher talked about comparing one piece of work over three different mediums (Novel, Movie, and Live Theatre). I'm planning to do an English Language and Literature EE on the use of character in The Woman in Black through the three mediums, making my research question: "How and why are the characters in The Woman in Black portrayed through three different mediums: Novel, Movie, and Live theatre?" I've a
  11. I have a question about Written Task 2, regarding the question "How and Why is a Social Group Represented in a Certain Way?". My teacher says we could talk about more than one social group and that this will show a larger scope of understanding, but would it really give a better grade (writing skills aside), or is it wiser to stick to one social group? Any other input regarding WT2 and the selected question would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Hi everyone! I'm taking French Ab Initio, and I'd just like to know what level on the DELF that would be? Is it A1/A2 or B1?
  13. This is clearly an appropriate topic for SL maths students because it deals with infinity. So it's possible for you to write about it. However, having the overall topic isn't enough, you have to figure out what exactly you will be investigating. If you plan to just simply explain what the paradox is, then that's not an investigation. So even though this topic seems appropriate, I can't judge whether it's good or not, simply because I don't know what you are trying to investigate. I have no idea what to investigate based on the topic. My teacher hasn't explained anything about the IA so I hav
  14. I've only just started the IB a few days ago, and my teacher said that we won't officially start the IA before January, but we can start it ourselves first if we want. I found a topic a while ago that I really liked and I want to know if it's worth doing and how good it is? It's called Hilbert's Grand Hotel Paradox, whereby the hotel has an infinite room of numbers, all full, and how to deal with new guests. There's a little bit of one-to-one correspondence in regards to math, and there are several formulas on how to deal with different types of guests (1 new guest means moving everyone to r
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