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  1. An Extended Essay Research Question should: • Not be too Broad - so you can cover the topic in depth with no more than 4000 words • Not be too narrow (so you can actually write an essay with substance (close to 4000 words) but also demonstrate diversity of analysis in investigation • Should fit within the topic chosen- The EE should not diverge significantly to other topics, this is so it shows relevant investigation and analysis (part of criteria) • The RQ should we answerable - This means you can use some sort of method of investigation to reach a valid conclusion Adapted
  2. Hey Gilbert Well It all depends on what you like! Study cpurses which you like best or find most interesting as you will baturally work harder and have the morivation to do a lot better in the course. Furthermore you'll know more abput a subject you like and while likely persue in the future. so in conclusion, choose the courses you personally like or would like to do best, keep what you might or would like to do in the future in mind too. About ITGS, well I think in some tech aspects its really cool and personally I love tech as an engineering student, but Its got a bad reputation for being
  3. I'm an IB engineering student and by all i've been told, taking phyics HL, Math Hl and another science such as chemistry or Biology (at HL or SL) is perfectly acceptable for going into an engineering degree. Apparently having a 6-7 in some of these subject also apparently gives you college credit and lets you skip the first year In some colleges. In terms of acceptance having Math HL, physics HL and another science should be far enough as for example HL Math is really advanced compared to most other academic systems. Most of the top universtities ask for a 6-7 in both math and physics and some
  4. Use as many senses ad you can to your learning! To memorise something, I usually: 1. Read it over a couple times (visual learning) 2. Read it out loud a couple times (aurical and oral learning 3. Write it down various times (visual and kinetic learning) 4. Say it out loud ans repeat it various times to yourself ( oral, aurical learning and memory ) 5. Try writing it down by memory various times and test yourself (visual learning and memory)
  5. Well in my opinion it is because of two reasons: Firstly the stereotypical rock band people usually añways live lives of drug abuse (to support their crazy and very stressful lifestyle ad well as to match their radical image and ideologiws as rockers) and also a lot of sex ( to firstly match their rocker image and lifestyle, also as they are famous and so other have much more willingness, sadly to have intercourse with them and lastly maybe due to their lack of affection during their childhood which was focussed on just music. Secondly, a lor of popular music and most of hip hip use both lyri
  6. I would start studying a month before even if possible. This is simply as memory develops better in the long-term. Anyways if this isn't possible and you are at the phase of intensive study, start by reading the textbook (preferably out loud to employ aurical and oral learning to your study). Then if there is questions within the textbook answer them as you read. After having done this write down all the neccessary equations/definitions/facts of each topic. Next use th syllabus to write up all the esential notes for all the topics in each subject. As a break watch some revision videos and fin
  7. On a regular basis when I feel stressed out, I do something similar to meditation. I stop thinking about things and trry to blanken my mind. Then I breath deeper and a lot slower so my heart rate decreases and i calm down quicker. This especially helps me before bed when trying to go to sleep and stress can many times can make ot harder for one to fall asleep. Apparently one of the best stress remedy is goving a long warm hug though and this makes sense as you release phsyical and emotional tension, replacing it with feelings of affection and love. Similarly classical music also helps me calm
  8. To pass the IB you need: - A minimum IB grade (this is not your grade in class, but the IB grade determined by your internal assements and final year exams) of 24 points ( a combination of your final IB grade for all your subjects and a combination of your TOK and Extended essay grade) - Fulfill all your neccesary CAS (community and service) requirements- which can vary in either CAS essay or reflection which must have a passing grade and it is mandatory to finish all required CAS hours. -Finally you must not break any IB rules to a great extent such as that of academic honesty Hope this helps
  9. Hi guys, We have group 4 projects coming up and they won't tell us what they are, but they are worth part of the IB Grade and i'm worried about getting a good grade on it. Can anyone tell me what it is? And how to get a good grafe in it? Thank you!
  10. Yeah mann, like memorising works better in the long run, bit studying in two weeks is possible. Start by reading the course book out loud. Then write down the definitions, key facts and concepts various times to memorise. Use the syllabis to write up some summary notes and then do some IB practice problems with the marks scheme to practice IB question solving and practice theory.
  11. Its quite easy, just click the post button on the topic your discussion falls upon. But what I do find the system kind of confusing. Why do oudates posts from 2008 still appear?
  12. The Netherlands! â¤ï¸ Well I live there, but I'm not from there. Anyone else from The Netherlands here?
  13. The Netherlands! â¤ï¸ Well I live there, but I'm not from there. Anyone else from The Netherlands here?
  14. Hmmm I trust the IB survival website and have faith in its users, but I do not think it is clever to reveal any personal infornation online. Most of you are probably anazing people and IB students, but you can never really trust online platforms cometely with personal data. I would advise not to reveal too much personal data on any online platform. Of course this is your own decision and is at your own risk, but just be careful with personal data, but apart from that I encourage you to be as friendly and personal as you want with other IB Survivors!
  15. My username does not have much meaning behind it. It is just a combination of my first and last name that I commonly use. I am not as creative in that sense as some of the rest of you. What do you think; Should a username be personal and creative or just a combination of your name?
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