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  1. Right. I took it as OP asking whether the teacher is allowed to practice the IOC on the same extract right before the recording. The way your teacher did it is perfectly reasonable and I don't see why a teacher would not want to do some practice so that the students know what to expect on the day of recording.
  2. The easier subject would be different for everyone. It depends on what your strength and weaknesses are. If you feel like they're both the same difficulty for you, check what the universties/programs you're aiming for want to see. If its ESS, then go with that. If Bio, go with that. Personally, I'd go with Bio since unis and programs recognize it more easily as its a rather standard course. I don't imagine many programs outside of IB doing something like ESS so they may have some trouble classifying the class for admissions. Biology SL is not too bad of a course- I did HL and it was
  3. That shouldn't be allowed. Teachers are allowed to ask guiding questions and such but that's about it. I remember reading a document from IB where they were unhappy with how some teachers would try to interfere with the commentary more than they needed to and they most certainly would not approve of teachers basically giving out the commentary to the students. Here is the information you'll need regarding reporting this to IB since this is unfair to the students who don't get any external help and against IB regulations.
  4. Hi. I'm really sorry to hear what you're going through right now. I can relate since I had to deal with so many family illnesses on top of a high workload during my high school years as well. Feel free to vent here. Is there a reason why you can't quit your classes?
  5. Where do you want to go for university and what are you planning to study? They all have different conversions for IB grades. For example, UBC considers a 76% to be equivalent to a 3 (which the minimum mark they will accept for english). Most programs in Canada will require you to present your english marks so it can be a problem but your other marks are very good so it could even out. If you feel that you would be more successful and get a better grade in the regular stream, you should consider switching. You would know best about the difficulty of classes and what the regular stream te
  6. Personally, I feel like your question may be a bit broad. There's enough information that you could do an essay on either migration's effects on economic performance or how the migrants are affected by this.
  7. No. I'm not sure about what you meant by not studying and personal insecurities but my advice is this: There's no point in trying to study the material up ahead if you're still not sure about the math you learned this year or in previous. When you feel a bit more motivated, go through what you've learned throughout MYP and note which concepts gave you trouble. Practice them really well until you're 100% confident in your ability. There are many great tutorials on Youtube/KhanAcademy, and of course, you can ask questions here, if you feel like you need a refresher.
  8. You're going to have to get used to the fact that IB is going to involve more critical thinking rather than the rote memorization you might have been used to in your matric years. Since you say you're not very strong in your subjects, I'd suggest either considering other courses that you're comfortable in or setting aside some extra hours a week to review or skim ahead of the material.
  9. The MYP and DP are not really connected to each other, so there's not going to be any enforcement by the IBO to make a certain subject be offered at the MYP level. If such a policy existed, what would happen to kids who joined the school during the DP program and didn't have the required years for the language because their school didn't offer the language or taught a different one?
  10. I had someone in my year do their EE on Chinese. Someone else did it on Japanese a few years back and in both cases punctuation wasn't included in their word count.
  11. As long as you've checked that the site you got the data off from is reliable, you are allowed to use these sites.
  12. What do you mean by effect of art? Generally, you just need to ensure that if you're using humans as "test subjects" that you got their approval and that won't be harmed. The same applies for animals in that you're not harming them or exposing them to any danger.
  13. There's this: https://www.oriprobe.com/peoplesdaily.shtml But you need to see if your school bought a subscription from them (which is probably unlikely...), so you can try to see if you can access the free trial from them. Doesn't hurt to try, I suppose. Good luck.
  14. For year 1, I suppose the issue might be that you might not have enough time for your EEs and IAs that are assigned over the summer. I took a course over the summer and I was repeatedly told by some that I wouldn't have time for my IB work. It worked out fine for me, but you may want to see the work load and see if you can find the time to make room for the IB work, if the same situation applies to you.
  15. Word doesn't include punctuation as long as it's used properly: "Hi, how are you?" is counted as 4 words in Word. "Hi , how are you ?" is counted as 6 words in Word because of the extra space, making it count the "," and the "?" as separate words. So, make sure you correctly space your words so that your word count is accurate.
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