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  1. I would say neither. I kind of had hope in Bernie but he doesn't have a chance anymore. As much as Trump as a president would be disastrous, I think Hillary would be 10 times worse. She's not progressive at all. So either way, Murica is doomed.
  2. Yes, it's actually really scary cause the markscheme might be harsh then or they might increase the grade boundaries.
  3. If you want to study any of those areas, then I'd recommend HL History and HL Business/Econ. Econ is a more general study of the economy while Business focuses on the managing a business as well as the internal and external factors affecting a business. I don't know which one of those will help you the most but Business is more work for sure. If you're good at sciences then include at least one but you won't be needing them for your degree. I'd keep them just in case you change your mind.
  4. No, but very close. I'm in Abu Dhabi. I'm also Bosnian
  5. Can't really process the fact that I'm done with my first IB exam...it seems surreal. Also, the Biology exam will be the death of me. I literally studied the whole syllabus couple of weeks ago for my mock and now I feel like I've forgotten everything Anyway, good luck to everyone!!!! We can do this.
  6. I think you should do ESS SL and native language HL not because I think ESS is hard but because learning another language could be very challenging. I'm suffering in IB right now because of Arabic ab initio. It also depends on your other subjects.
  7. Hello, I'm doing my IA on HR and I was wondering what business tools can I use?
  8. NadineA

    Math IA

    Hello! My IA topic is going to be due soon and I'm still trying to figure out my topic. I'm interested in doing it on music but I'm having a hard time coming up with a proper question. Any suggestions?
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