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    This math portfolio is on matrix powers. It was awarded 17/20.
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    This type II math portfolio is about modeling the amount of a drug in the bloodstream. It was awarded 18/20.
  3. ezex

    MIT Decision

    Hell ya I got in, and you did spell my first name wrong, but that's cool. Oh and ya, my SAT scores are ****, i think i got like...770 in Math, 600 in englihs, and 670 in writing. But w/e, it's definately not about SAT scores in the end. Oh and...who are you? I couldn't figure it out...
  4. ezex

    MIT Decision

    SO??? ANYONE!?!?! Am I seeing any of you guys next year?
  5. Depends on the year and how many Pakistanis applied. They fill quotas so if you happen to apply on a year when all 50 that they take are extreme geniusus and you're good too but not as good then you're **** out of luck. But usually its pretty varied so if you're one of the top, no...if you're number one at your school you have good chances of making it into Harvard. But again, it all falls on you as a person so really it doesnt matter.
  6. Super Chemical Engineer. And by super I mean top-secret, government program that no one knows about where we make chemical bombs that can be dropped anywhere and only kill the person we're aiming for on a 20 mile radius. Or deal with super deadly toxic missiles like in "The Rock" where I'm the guy, the chemist...the one that's in National Treasure.
  7. This post has been so cool . Nice job explaining everything Irene, I don't think there could be a better way to explain than how you did. One thing though. For number 3 you're right that cosine is only upperbound from 0 to pi over four. Unfortunately you cant just multiply that area by two to get the second part. You actually have to integrate, from 0 to pi over four, cosine squared minus sine squared PLUS integration, from pi over four to pi over two, of sine squared - cosine squared. And by the way, now that we're using really cool formulas and proofs, cosine squared minus sine squared is c
  8. To complete the test you don't even need to be taking a chemistry class. To do WELL in the test you should be taking AP chemistry or HL chemistry. To do GREAT in the test you dont need anything but the Princeton Chemistry Review Book, you read this and you get an 800. Taking the test relying only on your knowledge from school will get you in the higher 700s if you're the best in the school and in the 600s if not.
  9. I love it how the discussion went completely off topic... Capa, here's something that might be helpful: Combustion of Ketones
  10. Ya, it worked for me though. I did EXACTLY what you said. You pretty much wrote my academic life story right there. I want to dispute on the whole IB issue so here it goes IB dillema: First off, MIT (it's the one I'm most familiar with) takes about 1300 students a year. The distribution is something like 20% black, 25% asian, 30% white, 15% hispanic, and "international/other" like 10% as well. But if you ask me, and I've been to MIT, everyone who argues about having an unfair advantage because of ethnicity is ignorant because every single student at MIT deserves to be there and every single o
  11. I've been waiting for someone to ask this. The simple answer is HELL NO. The more complicated answer is: IB math is nowhere near as thorough as AP calc. Not even HL math kids could pull a decent grade on the AP calc AB test. There are a TON of things you dont even touch on in IB math and the ones you do cover you cover badly and rushed. I took AP calc on tenth grade and got a 5. I took IB math on 11th and got a 7. Trust me when I tell you that you won't be even close to prepared if you do that. Now, I'm not saying you shouldnt take the AP test! As a matter of fact, taking th
  12. Well, our school has 8 periods so we always have space for an AP class. On top of that, however, I take all of my math classes at my local college cause the school doesnt offer anything past calculus BC so I had to go and take them there. I took a total of 6 AP clases, a butload of IB, and 15 college classes.
  13. Lol, of course I have something that gave me an edge. First off, the SATs don't measure how much you know english and math, just how much you DONT know (I gave the full explanation aout this in another thread, I don't remeber which one though...). I'm guessing MIT liked the fact that I've taken nearly 6 semesters of calculus, 4 of chemistry, 4 of physics, AND manage 8 IB classes a year plus 5 of college. They must've also liked the fact that I"m a real human being and not just someone who studies all the time. See, I actually play sports, a lot, and do well at school but only where I want to.
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