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    Important pointers to keep note of when writing your commentary.
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    This is my DCP+CE Practical Design determining the volume of Molar Volume of hydrogen gas. This has not been graded by the IBO. However, my teacher has given me good remarks about it. The document is in a pdf form to discourage plagiarism. Feel free to leave any comments or advice. I am constantly trying to improve my IA writing skills Regards, JJ
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    This is my notes that I compiled, and typed out myself to prepare myself for my finals in 2014. I am rather proud of this compilation as I have tried my best to make everything neat and easy to read. I also included formulas and definitions in my notes. Do note that I have left some space in between paragraphs for you to draw the graphs. Reason being: 1. Drawing graphs on Word is too time consuming 2. I think that drawing the graphs yourself will enable you to develop a better understanding of the different economic theories. I hope my notes will help you the way it helped me. I will submit my
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    This is my essay which I used for my IOP in 2014. It is titled " How are the themes in Wharton's Ethan Frome constructed through her use of imagery?" When I started IB, I found English Literature to be very difficult (and I still do) so I thought I would share this essay with whoever is struggling to analyze Ethan Frome or thinking of doing IB. I do not know the grade of my IOP, but my teacher told me I did a good job and my peers told me it was insightful as well. Enjoy!
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