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  1. Chinese herbal medicine and bacterial growth seems to be an extremely popular topic for a Bio. EE. Maybe thats why intellectual initiative was marked down. Or perhaps you did not have enough background information.
  2. Hey! I am about to start my international trade IA. I am planning to do it on a tariff article. However, I found that for a tariff topic, there does not seem to be much of any other diagrams to include other than the basic tariff diagram. If I am only going to use one diagram in my IA, will I loose marks? Thanks!
  3. Hello, I will be doing my English FOA soon and it will from part 2 on language and mass communication. I will be focusing on the portrayal of asian stereotypes in the media, specifically the representation of asians in pitch perfect 2 (character Lilly). Are there any tips or suggestions for how to structure the FOA? I am slightly lost in terms of starting it and am not sure how to structure it. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the help! I also had an idea where I could calculate mass, volume and surface area of a process separator vessel. I want to relate it to safety where I figure out the amount of vapour to released from the vessel to ensure that it is safe. I will consider using different types of materials such as water, ethanol, methanol or oil to determine how much vapour must be released for it to be safe when the vessel is operating. Also, the bigger the vessel, the more vapour that must be released. In this case, would personal engagement be awarded if I am going to learn maths outside of the sc
  5. Hello! Recently, I have come up with calculating the volume and surface area of wine glasses for my Math IA (I am in Maths SL). I am just wondering whether if this idea is suitable for Maths SL and whether if it shows personal engagement. Since this idea would involved relatively more heavy calculus as I am at SL level, would it show personal engagement because I am attempting to learn something more challenging and outside the scope of the syllabus? In my opinion, it is not exactly unique or crazy creative compared to the sample IA's I see, for example graphing cosmetic contact lens patterns.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Really? It's popular?? So would it not be a good idea to do this topic?
  7. swl

    Biology EE

    Thats a good idea. How did your experiment go and did your superviser think it would score pretty high? Im still contemplating whether I should switch to a Chemistry EE. Really confused!
  8. That is literally what I did. I used the same technique with Banlangen (Isatis Root). I guess it really does not work and I just gave up with it.
  9. I am currently working on my chem. EE related to the synthesis of aspirin (or acetylsalicylic acid). I am unsure of how complex Chem EE's should be because I feel that the way I will carry out my topic may be too direct. I am finding it difficult to formulate a research question as I don't exactly have a direct plan of what I would do with the acetylsalicylic acid yielded. So how complex should the EE be?? Something completely out of the syllabus? What tips do you guys have for Chem. EEs and how do I score top marks? Thanks in advance!!
  10. swl

    Biology EE

    Hello, I just have a quick question about the extended EE. For my EE, I plan to test the effect of chinese herbal medicine on the growth of bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus pneumoniae or haemophilus influenzae. Apparently, it is not advisable to use bacteria cultures due to IB's rules about experimenting on microorganisms. Should I still continue with experimenting on these bacteria? I am really not sure what the requirements and rules of the EE are, I really don't know much about the Biology EE as we just started planning it out. If you guys could help me out that would be great
  11. I am about to finish up on my TOK presentation. Now, we are working on the TOK presentation planning form. The form has a 500 word limit, which it extremelyyyyy difficult to cut down to. I had to remove one RLS (it was not a very strong on anyways). However, is it alright if I am basing it on just 2 RLS? I can't fit it in anything all! A lot of other outlines on the internet seem to have 3 RLS. I am hoping to move up to a 9 or 10 out of 10 for the presentation but am unsure whether if I should have at least 3 RLS. Thanks in advance for your reply, I really do appreciate it!!!
  12. definitely take bio hl!!! No one in my school who graduated and is studying medicine took physics hl, thats pretty unusual. As well, when it comes to your ee, you would have the choice of doing one either in bio or chem and relating your ee easily with medicine (and uni's would definitely ask you about your ee if you do one medicine related, and can boost your application)
  13. bioninja is great for biology, easy enough to understand for sl you can find economics hl notes in the files section, though they are for the old syllabus yet still applicable with maths, definitely work on past papers (just search it up, should find links to past papers), however, it is not advisable if you don't have a strong maths background because some topics will need to be taught and can be difficult to self teach mandarin sl, make sure to boost ur vocab. go on quizlet and search up ib chinese b, you should be able to find flashcards with words that you can use during you
  14. Hey guys, How do you go about preparing for english lang&lit exams? I just had my exams and got a mark for the paper 1 lang&lit that is well below what I usually get on paper 1 practices. The main problem with my essay was that I seem to not understand the purpose of the text. The purpose that I sometimes write it usually almost right, but not quite. Is there any way to improve my text understanding, especially with the purpose of the text? Thanks Also, as I am applying to uni next semester, which is end of this year, do these y12 final exams play a huge role in y13 predicted
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