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  1. Not that the exam did not follow the syllabus topics. It did of course. Questions about mechanics, energies, waves, fields, thermodynamics etc. However, the way the questions were asked and the types of calculations that were asked were out of this world. And yes, it goes hand in hand with the syllabus, just the things we were asked to do were no way testing our knowledge. It was testing our nerves. It was very unfair. I was prepared for every topic in the syllabus yet somehow none of the questions made sense. This was not an exam
  2. My best friend took the HL one and she said it was just as insane. And I mean it when I say SL was crazy. I had studied my butt off for that exam and felt ready. However... This happened. I legit cried! I never expected to do so poorly.
  3. Dear fellow IB Physics students, I am in SL Physics and this exam absolutely destroyed me. All of the intensive studying I did for it all for nothing. Not to mention I cried in the exam room in both papers and the invigilator bought me a tissue. This was by far the worst exam I have seen and the specimen papers have been so deceiving. This was not an exam that tested my mastery of the syllabus, it was out of this world. My whole life depends on it now because I doubt that I can get a 3 on both papers. Also, I might not be perfect in Physics but my grades have been very good a
  4. Right!!! This was by far the worst thing I have seen and I am SL. I have been destroyed.
  5. Guys! If you feel just as frustrated with the Physics exam sign this petition! Hopefully they hear us out! https://www.change.org/p/ib-physics-examination-may-2016
  6. Hi, I am writing my EE in English, group 1. I wanted to hear your thoughts on the topic I have chosen. I am personally really excited to research this, because I feel passionate about it. Can't wait to hear what y'all think about it! "By analysing three copies of "Vogue" magazine from three different time periods, analyse to what extent has fashion journalism changed over time?" And of course, I would have the third outcome (if my memory serves me correctly it was the third one). Basically, the one dealing with media. Do you think it is still too broad or is it good enough? What are
  7. I am also doing my EE in English, although I am focusing on the third outcome (or, the one regarding media). High five! Anyway. I really like your topic! I am a huge fan of Gatsby, so I think it is very interesting and it will be an interesting perspective to look from at the American Dream. I do not think it is too broad. If you feel like it is, however, maybe try focusing on just one of the authors. Good luck!
  8. Hi fellow IB students! I just wanted to let you know that there is a really useful and cool tool for IB Physics. Me and my classmate (i.e. also an IB student) have developed a twitter and an instagram for IB Physics related things and we would really appreciate if you followed us! It is basically something you can access from your mobile device at any time (since most of us have twitter and/or instagram accounts) and is therefore very available and handy. We post summaries on IB Physics topics as pictures on instagram (both SL and HL topics) and useful tips/stuff that relate to IB Physics
  9. IB is, first of all, a great way to prepare for University and increase your skills in very many areas. It provides in depth knowledge in every course you choose to take. Basically, I would say IB makes you well rounded. It is an amazing international program that, in my opinion, defines the saying "hard work pays off". IB opens many doors for your future, including the possibility to go to a prestigious and high rank school. Personally, even though it can get overwhelming, it is worth it and to me, it is the best high school program out there. IB is amazing! No doubt about that!
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