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  1. Wow thanks so much! I meant along the lines of the natural aggressive drive of boys leads them to dominate and oppress any signs of femininity
  2. Hey thanks! I finally went with: What does William Golding’s portrayal of femininity in Lord of the Flies reveal about his views on the human unconscious? Our school requires us to do a question for planning purposes. I plan to investigate feminine symbols and characterization as related to traditional feminine and masculine gender roles. Then, I'll tie the whole discussion of femininity to Golding’s use of Sigmund Freud’s theory of psychoanalysis (superego, ego, and id) as the foundation of the characters’ behavior. Through this, Golding portrays how the loss of the boys’ fe
  3. Hey guys, So I'm coming up with an EE research question, and I've chosen to do an English one on Lord of the Flies. This is my main idea: William Golding’s Lord of the Flies explores the disintegration of a society composed solely of boys. Although Golding excludes females from directly participating in this society, the influence of the feminine is still powerful. The boys’ oppression of the femininity that is subtly present on the island is interrelated with their descent into the Id, the part of the mind in which instinct, often violent and sexual, are supreme, according to Sigmund
  4. 6 downloads

    A character study of Iago. Outlines his motives with direct text analysis and quotes.
  5. 6 downloads

    Part of Topic 3 of ESS. Covers natural resources, sustainability, and ecological economics.
  6. 6 downloads

    A powerpoint about freshwater. Part of Topic 3 of the ESS curriculum
  7. 25 downloads

    My lab on porosity and permeability. Meant to be an example of proper formatting for the DCP and CE parts.
  8. 9 downloads

    My essay on Othello. The title is "No Honor, No Humanity," and it details the fall of Othello in relation to his diminishing honor.
  9. 17 downloads

    More notes from the Palmer textbook "A History of the Modern World," which we use in our IB HL History 1 class. Also covers some Russia and Asia.
  10. 21 downloads

    European History Notes from "A History of the Modern World." Covers a lot of IB HL History 1 - it's the book we use in our IB History 1 class.
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