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  1. YOu mean text c??? yeah i thought in general the texts were ok to understand but the tasks and gap fills were pretty tough... I thought Paper 2 was great WHat question did you do?
  2. You guys got Haber Process??? TZ2 we didnt get any proper questions on Bonding/Energetics/Kinetics or Equilibria... All we got was Periodicity, Acids and Bases (Kw ... =S), Redox and Organic CHemistry in the whole damn paper.... So you either did ok or were screwed...
  3. In the UK we have something called Girl Guides and Scouts and and a lot of people help out there with younger kids which counts as a majo project...
  4. Normally the ethical implications is easier to link to the Service part of CAS rather than Action. And of course ballet counts for action!
  5. Here are some websites that are pretty good- I did the old syllabus and they were really good and they have a new section about the new syllabus: Geography Jim <-- This is a really good website! Geography All the Way
  6. If you want to get the book at least go and buy it, that way you are allowing the company to make it for future IB people to have a book to revise from. Its not THAT expensive on amazon... The oxford revision guides are really good ! they are detailed and work really well as last minute- night before revision/ looking over as it not as massive as a textbook or your notes. Personally I revise from revision guides and the textbooks, never my notes but maybe thats just me. You can use it as a quick check as well if you need to remember something and its not in your note.
  7. I did 6 and 8 on TZ2. 8 Didn't have calculations but lots of equations. not my favourite paper. Felt a bit miserable afterwards but today made it a bit better... Redox question was make or break for me- but then have never liked redox (demon) Hoping I did enough =S
  8. DO you just have to describe what happens in the diagram? Or explain why. Not 100% sure what you are asking but... Describe what happens is pretty simple I think Daytime wind comes from south east blowing sand into the sea, which makes the beach get smaller and forms sandbanks in the sea as water doesn't have enough energy to transport the sand that far, either way the sand ends up on the sea floor. During the night the wind comes from the opposite direction and ends up pushing all the sand that blew into the sea and away from the beach is pushed back towards the shore which does the exact op
  9. I did 4 options because I do Higher Drainage basins and their management - Structured question was really nice... Lithospheric Processes and their management - Structured question all the way Settlements - I did the essay question because the land use structured question was a bummer Topographic Mapping - the question about physical regions being distinguished was a mean question especially since I always run out of time... I had 3 minutes in which to do that part. But the paper was pretty nice =)
  10. From my experience at my school for TZ2 some people found paper 1 ridiculous and quite hard, whereas others found paper 2 harder. It seems that some topics that came up were preffered by others and on paper 2 it was vice versa. So average the papers together ok.
  11. I did questions 1 and 3 they were pretty nice questions. For question 1 it did help to draw the dtm as long as you discussed the problems and since it was a discuss question it made life easy... But then I write very fast so maybe if you didnt write soo much it might be difficult to pick the marks up. For question 3 I mentioned Mathusian and Boserups theory but was running out of time otherwise I would have written more. Overall it was a pretty nice paper though!!
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