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  1. HL, but the problem is that she told literally everyone in our class (HL and SL) that our ideas are too simple. Then she was supposed to call us one-by-one to talk about these IAs, but she spent half of the class with one (new) person, so most people didn't get the chance to talk to her. And now we have no idea what she meant by "too simple", and I'm supposed to send a better idea until tomorrow... The problem is that I don't really see which variables I could change in this case... maybe add more magnets? I guess I'll suggest this idea and see what she thinks about it...
  2. So, as soon as I got back from the summer break, my physics teacher put up an assignment to send her our IA topics, methods and materials needed. I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I came up with the idea of testing how the force of attraction and repulsion between two magnets varies with distance. As we haven't studied magnetism yet, I thought this would be interesting to test. I would use a scale to see how the "weight" measured of the magnet changed as I approached a magnet from the top, while measuring the distance between them. However, on the first class we had after sending her the
  3. So, I have been taking Mathematics Higher level for the past ~6 months. I always do the homework given, the exam-style questions worksheets, pay attention in class and try to solve all my doubts. However, doesn't matter how much I study and do exercises, every time I get a new worksheet or question, I always have doubts or do something wrong. This has been a problem in my past tests. I do all the questions and solve my doubts, but when I get to do an exam, I sometimes have no idea how to do some questions, get something wrong on them or do some small mistakes that end up making the whole quest
  4. My teacher said my topic shouldn't be too similar to my classmates', so I thought about the hydropower idea. I could probably model a hydro plant, and test for which turbine design works best to generate the most power. Or maybe which factors affect the most the power generated in this model. But I'm still not sure about this... These questions are still too broad I think :/
  5. So, I decided to do my Extended Essay in physics. At first, I thought about doing something related to videgames, like "how are the physics in videogames compared to real-life physics?", but my teacher said it was too broad. Then I thought about analysing "Which factors affect the performance of a catapult and a trebuchet and how can we use this information to create a better weapon?". However, I didn't really get what my teacher wanted to tell me, but her main point was "how would I measure that". I thought a bit about that and realized it would be pretty difficult to modify catapults and
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