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  1. It will be counted as 75 If your % is 74.3, then it will be rounded to 74
  2. I think you did the t-1 equation from a geometric sequence. You needed to realize that in a geometric sequence, when you use t-1, you also include the start of the on the sequence so you will be one off when finding the remaining cost (finding the 1st in the sequence will give you the original value, but finding the second you will get the value after 1 year). I also wanted to do that but I figured that it would be better to use the tradition compound interest formula to do it since I wanted to find the definite cost at a given time.(And they said "after 6 years" if I remember correctly)
  3. Umm sorry but you're wrong I just redid it and the correct value for t is 9.28 years. The lady bought her car on the 1st of January and the number of years it takes for her to sell her car from the 1st of Jan is 9.28 years. So whatever rounding you do, you still end up somewhere inside 2019. The question asked us the year when she will sell her car and the year she sells it is in 2019...
  4. the value of the car was 16100 (i remember that they wanted it till the nearest hundredths) and i just used the compound interest formula but with a 5% decrease so you get like 0.95 interest rate... just equated it to 10000 and got like t as 9.5 something years and if you add it onto the 2010 you're still in 2019
  5. The answer is actually something like 0.8 and 1.4... the equation for velocity was given as 6t - 6, this means that when t = 0, then we have a negative velocity (it's going backwards), you will see this when you graph the function and find the area. You will notice that v is 0 at x = 1, until that point the object has traveled -3 meters. So you needed to sub in and find in the distance from 1 - p, and not 0 - p. That's what I did and some of my friends in my grade got the same answer too. It also makes sense cause they asked for the "values" of p between 0 and 2
  6. There was also a question about a car and the year this girl will sell it... I don't remember the question but I do know that the year it will be sold is 2019
  7. The last question about integrating using substitution was insane, I spent like 20 minutes on it and got it like the last minute... I got 3/2 for the very last question How about you guys?
  8. It was to find the minimum height and cost of paining the cuboid The minimum height was 3 and the total cost was $120
  9. I found the last two pretty alright actually, but I messed up the vector question like by a lot, but I wrote some bs with cos theta = 0 and stuff so I'm hoping to get follow through pts for that
  10. I wrote 0.05 to 0.15 too, but I said they were t^-1 values, so I'm still right, right?
  11. It was much much easier, I might've over studied for it after seeing the bloodshed on P2
  12. oh god i hope not i really don't want to see my teachers be disappointed with my answers
  13. the petition won't do anything the grade boundaries will be lowered cause its based on a bell curve, it always has been on a bell curve so if everyone fails, no one does...
  14. I put 2 as well, but apparently the answer was 1...
  15. No there was a question about crushed ice, maybe you skipped it It was something about the time taken for the temperature to become 16 or something. I said it will be faster (time taken is lower) cause more of the ice's surface area is exposed
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