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  1. I am ****ting bricks. Going to be looking at the total score straight away to see how well or how **** I did so that the hard part is over.
  2. In the UCAS application, international students had to be privately funded. Only Home/EU could choose the loan option in the payment option on the UCAS website if I recall correctly. Coming to study in the UK will cost you dearly. Studying at let's say LSE, UCL or Imperial will cost due to the buckets needed to just pay your rent on student accommodation.
  3. You can do your labs in IB2. My chem labs were only done at the very end of IB2. I think the IBO allows home study. I saw them advertise this new scheme for people to study the IB from home because the IB wasn't present in their area. So yes it does exist and the IBO allows it. Go on their website for further info. I found this article and they seem to only offer very few subjects but I'm sure there was something else to it. My link. A person in my year only did the IB in 1 year. The person came straight into IB2 so I'm sure you can arrange to self study and the IB allows it. Well hey I had to
  4. Taking Math HL will not make you more competitive, if the desired college doesn't require it you do not need to have it. Yes most ppl in the A levels will take three science but the admissions will know that in most of the world you cannot take 3 sciences in the IB. So don't fret too much. Math does not compensate for it. Once you tick the boxes for the requirements what you need to think of is points not subjects. We don't have any credits or anything so it's all about the total. After all the secret of life is the number 42.
  5. I've been told that all the schools in France teach in English. According to the IBO website in 3 of them it is taught in English and French but I doubt that they teach French in International schools, I really doubt that because they're all private. My point still holds though more than 70 percent of the tiny handful of IB schools in France teach soly in English otherwise officially in french and English but none are solely in French.
  6. Estonian>English. English is just common and boring. But in more serious terms, Estonian has a higher average than English. English, Italian and Spanish have some of the lowest averages according to the IBO 2010 statistics, the rarer the language the better they do. For instance, in Albanian the average is 7 because everybody get's 7s. And if I recall correctly Estonian in SL had an average of over 6 just like Japanese SL. And so for this reason alone you should do Estonian. Plus you get to come across as cool on this forum because you're "unique". And the poster above is a 100% right.
  7. Some colleges ask for HL like Trinity. I think there are a few other but most require SL. And Good luck on applying for Medicine in the UK. Hope you pull through. I certainly know that UCAS is an experience I never want to repeat again.
  8. although I'm a big "vocab" guy, unfortunately for French you need to know your Grammar and conjugations like a King. Otherwise you sound like an illiterate Somali pirate trying to negotiate with 5 year olds. 1)Get your conjugations right. And use this one sentence to demonstrate knowledge of the subjonctive : "Il faut que tu sois" Je suis allé(e), and not je suis aller. 2) Get your grammar right. When you you used the past participle of "to have" don't conjugate the verb. "Elles ont tous mangé" and not "Elles ont tous mangées" 3) Learn the essential conjugations of the most useful verbs. Like
  9. Anywhere is good for Medicine.
  10. work at the airport as security and earn some bear cash. Go back to the Fatherland. Party with friends here in England. Go visit a friend in Austria. Perhaps visit a friend abroad in another country. And mainly just chillax. Oh and also visit my uni and the city in which I will be living in for the next 7 years?
  11. Oppresion of their individuality? I'm interested in how you feel that? I have read both books and written my WL on a day in the life of Ivan Denissovitch and Metamorphosis and I did not sense any sort of oppresion. How do you sense the author's oppresion of their individuality?
  12. Beautiful, beautiful book. Can't believe people study it, especially foreigners. Well when doing your presentation took a specific idea pertaining to the whole book that is existent in the last chapter. You can do absolutely anything. Talk about characters, motives, development. Anything. Choix libre
  13. Ok let me start with the second question. Acid PH depends on the concentration of H+ ions that means that equilibrium is shifted either to the left or right depending on how much is added or taken away. Going from the same principle as my previous answer for the question last night. Sulfuric acid is bimolecular. When this strong acid dissociates it will produce twice as many H+ ions than any other acid for 2 reasons. 1 it has 2 hydrogens and 1 because it is a strong acid so therefore fully dissociates or almost. No equilibrium sign for a strong acid. Please when you embark on such a question a
  14. look at my answer. It's very simple
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