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  1. Hello all. So the tok deadline is coming up soon and i dont feel very confident about mu essay. I am happy in terms of it getting a C or B but what do examiners look for usually? I am just trying to grab that one or possibly 2 extra mark. My question is: Is explanation a prerequisite of prediction? My aoks are human sciences (economics +psychology) and religion (christianity). Do you guys have any tips to get it in that top band, i would be really thankful (i asked my teacher the same and he is too overloaded to properly focus on my solely, so im turning to you guys!) thanks
  2. Damn ambivert. How will/did you spend the day/night after your last exam?
  3. Unlike o levels/GCSE, maths HL skills cannot be obtained simply by practicing endless questions. the very basis of the maths HL is to make the student able to think and use his logic to solve issues. you will have to know every topic by the tip of your fingers and know that they are interlinked with each other. not surprising that this is the hardest topic in IB.
  4. physics, as it helps you understand the why of things however literature helps you see the beauty in things. still though, if we're moving forward, definitely physics. Would you rather live a stressful, pressured and unsocial life while getting brilliant results, or make friends explore new things and live life to its fullest but have low/average results?
  5. Hey guys i hit a little wall here. i discussed with my teacher about my extended essay and by subject is politics. my question is to what extent can politics be used to reduced corruption mauritius (my country) i have roughly a few ideas about what arguments i can use but i don't know how to answer it nor structure it properly. i it should be done in chapters, but how? is it something like one paragraph for my argument for (how many words?) another paragraph against? what else should i include in there? thanks peeps
  6. @vioh thank you so much for your quick and detailed answer. after doing quite a lot of research, i fell in love with the enigma machine. it's simply amazing. i knew someone would post about this and i guess i'm gonna go for it. thanks mate
  7. hello guys i'm in a bit of a pinch this week. i am struggling to go on for my exploration. all i decided was that i wanted to do on cryptography. my teachers encouraged me to do so and i can be a little enthusiastic about it. however, that's all i have! i don't know where to start really. does anyone have any advice to give me on how to proceed? (i have minimal knowledge about cryptography) thank you peeps
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