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  1. m freaking out..just hope the results will be in our favour....fingers crossed
  2. Hey guys...I am ECO HL student from TZ2..I had a doubt regarding one question from Paper 3. It was a question about indirect taxes and income distribution. There was a question where the economists suggested that the government should keep the direct tax rates unchanged while increase the indirect tax rates...onto which we had to show the resultant effect on the lorenz curve of the country. My analysis says that that generally progressive income tax rates promote income distribution and make the lorenz curve shift towards the perfect income diagonal while regressive tax rates worsens it. But
  3. Yes dude..please mail me...i am in dire need of the same...thanks a ton..
  4. Can anyone please forward me ESS past papers between 2013-14???? please do reply...or mail me its urgent
  5. I appeared for Economics HL TZ2. In paper 1, I attempted Section A (2) monopoly and market failure and Section B (3) about Keynesian mutliplier and unemployment..Hope to get good marks but yes the paper was quite tough compared to its other counterparts. In paper 2, I attempted Section A (1) about Latvia joining EU and Section B (4) about Peruvian economy..It was comparitively much better than paper 1. In Paper 3, I attempted question (1) and (2)..personally l never expected such different style of questions but I am most confident and optimistic about scoring high in this paper. Overal
  6. HEY! WHICH TEXT DID YOU DO?! TEXT 1 OR 2?! Yes..I did my paper 1 on text 1 about the myth of supremacy of english in the world..to be true..it was a doable task
  7. As you all know, its hardly a week more before the boards commence, I am a BM HL student and confused how to study for the exams. I have revised the entire book but now finding it difficult as to how to practice for the Finals. I also want to know some recommendations and tips regarding how to score maximum score band for an answer. My teacher said that for the long questions, we need to support every point with giving a solution for the same, is it true...? Keeping in mind the time, how much to write is another big question. I write considerably a lot but what is the optimum requirement of a
  8. Can someone help me regarding how to prepare for english lang+lit paper 2. I am an SL student and studying for May 2015 examinations. The books are Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov and The Spirit Catches you and you fall down by Anne Fadiman. Thank u in anticipation
  9. The article is quite long and much analyzed..Try to find a better one - IN MY OPINION
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