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  1. The question you should ask yourself is.. how did the weather NOT affect Operation Barbarossa? Like posters have mentioned, the winter in Russia was one of (if not the most) important cause of Germany's failure. Now.. could you argue that weather didn't affect Operation Barbarossa? If the answer's no, then your topic isn't arguable, and thus not fit for an IA. Just got that lecture from my teacher today - hope it helps you!
  2. I'm in HL English, and studying The Odyssey and House of the Spirits for my WL 1. Currently, I want to discuss the idea of fate vs. self-determination in my essay. What do you guys think of this as a thesis? "Both Allende and Homer explore the idea that one's future is determine not by predestined event, but rather one's reactions to these events" I'm worried because most WL titles I've seen follow the general format of "Both authors use ____ to illustrate ___" So I'm afraid my thesis isn't specific enough. Any feedback? As a last resort, I also have this as backup "In both House of the Spirit
  3. I'm planning on writing my EE on economics - specifically the PES of private solar panels. However, I'm utterly confused as to what an Econ. EE should look like - no one in my school that I know of, has done one in the past. I tried to find exemplar essays online but came up blank. Anyone have any ideas where to find one? Is it illegal to post one online or something? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  4. That's awesome! Definitely a huge weight off my shoulders. If you don't mind me asking, how do you know this?
  5. So with a week to go until the SL chem exam, I was flipping through the syllabus and taking notes based on all the guidelines. Theoretically, that's all we need to know, right? But today I was talking to a friend of mine who'd started on past practice exams, and he mentioned that topics like entropy and buffers, which were not mentioned at all in the syllabus, were on the exams. Anyone else encounter this? Could we try to compile a list of things that are missing from the syllabus?
  6. So neither is significantly better than the other?
  7. I'm currently trying to decide which one of these textbooks to order. You seem to know a lot about both, so can you give me some advice on which one to order? Thanks
  8. I'm currently in SL Economics, and am looking for a good book that will help me understand the concepts taught in class, as well as prepare me for the exam. On Amazon, I found these two to be the most promising looking: http://www.amazon.ca/IB-Diploma-Programme-Economics-Companion/dp/0199151245/ref=pd_sim_b_11 http://www.amazon.ca/Economics-IB-Diploma-Study-Guide/dp/0199152284/ref=pd_sim_b_18 Anyone have experience with either of these? What's the difference between them? Which one's better? Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks, that helps me a bit. One more question - Is there any reason why Math students tend to excel at Chem? I've always been slightly confused in Chem class, albeit fascinated. There seems to be an equal mix of logic and things that make absolutely no sense and just need to be memorized. In terms of the actual exams, is either one more difficult than the other? Since HL Chem is supposedly much more difficult than HL Bio, I was wondering if that carried over to the SL courses too? (..okay maybe that was more than one question. haha, sorry, I tend to get carried away.)
  10. I'm asking this question purely because I want to know which one is easier, objectively. I know that in general, if you like a subject, you will be better in it, and you should always choose the one that you enjoy more. However, in my case, I am fairly neutral towards both. While chemistry seems a bit more interesting, that only because the BOOM! and flashy-flashiness of the experiments is fun. The rest of my courses are already pretty heavy (HL Math, HL History, HL English, HL French, and SL Economics) and I have no intention of going into medicine. So, IB Survivors! (or IB strugglers) SL C
  11. Wow, really? Maybe it's because we're from different countries - different continents actually! I thinkDECA was started by the U.S.... maybe that's why it's more popular in North America? All the schools I know take it really seriously. Some of them have special DECA textbooks, and collections of case studies. It's pretty intense.
  12. Just wondering who's doing DECA around here Maybe we could all share tips and ideas on how to succeed? I joined my school's DECA club for the first time last year, in the Buying and Merchandising category. Didn't take it seriously at all, bs'd my way past regionals, and completely failed at provincials. What about you guys? Any really successful people who've made it to internationals here?
  13. This is absolutely beautiful. It creates such a quiet, longing feeling. The fact that everything rhymes too is amazing. You should share more of your writing.
  14. Sorry about that. Your reply wasn't up yet when I was typing mine up. Your suggestions are a huge help. Thank you so much! And I'll go take a look at those Syllabuses (or is it Syllabi?) right now. Thanks again.
  15. I know, I was hoping the members on this forum could suggest which ones helped them learn the best. I guess I should specify - my goal isn't so much to learn the whole curriculum over the summer, but rather to get a good understanding of the main topics that I'll be learning, so that I won't flounder so much in some of the more difficult subjects (like HL Math). Ultimately though, the exams are the same right? So all the different textbooks should cover all the information we need to know. Help please guys?
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