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  1. Hey Guys, I am planning on studying Law in London. I have received my conditional and unconditional offers via UCAS meaning that I will head off to London in September of this year to start University (please note that I did not apply for an International Law course). However recent articles about Britain leaving the EU have been concerning me for the past weeks. I am aware that we still have to wait until the 23th of June until there is any kind of certainty about what will actually happen however it never harms to think about the potential outcomes already. My second option after London
  2. Hey Guys, I am currently revising for my language classes and was wondering how you guys are studying for the Paper 1 in any Literature language ? Evidently you can do past papers which is what I am doing at the moment however I was wondering if there are any other things you do ? I am looking forward to some new ideas Wish all of you guys the best of luck with your exams!
  3. Hey guys, I am currently looking for some revision guides and or general resources to revise for my exams. For now I am using the pearson textbook and the lanterna online textbook also I looked at the OSC revision guide. Do you guys have any other suggestions for good resources to revise can be webpages, revision guides etc free or paid. Wish all of you the best of luck with your revision and exams !
  4. Hey guys, I am currently working on the statistics part of my HL Biology IA. My teacher has suggested me to perform a T-test in order to answer the question of how mineral deficiency influences shoot growth. Now I have my data for the lengths of shoots for every 2 days for the respective dish where a specific mineral is lacking. Logically I would perform a T.test using the number of days and the length of the shoot however that would not help me to answer my question really. Anyone has any other suggestions for this or how I could involve the lack of minerals into the T-test ? Wish all of yo
  5. Hey guys, I am currently trying to put the finishing touches on my EE. After several sessions with my supervisor and countless attempts to improve it, I am still being told that my essay does not work in accordance with the rubric and that there is still potential to improve it. My EE supervisor refuses to give me any further information than telling me I should make sure it goes in accordance with the rubric and I slowly feel like she does not really have any experience with EE supervision. I have already requested a different supervisor but have been told that there is no capacity as we o
  6. Thank you guys for your help! I have just checked on my Pearson Vue account and found the options that have been selected. Apparently the teacher responsible for university applications at my school has already selected my options for me and entered my UCAS number, thus the confusion about never personally entering any of the details.
  7. Hey guys, I have taken my LNAT exam approximately two weeks ago. To do so I went trough the application process and have signed up to take the exam in a test facility in Switzerland. I know that the LNAT will be making my results available to me within early February according to their website. Also my universities are supposed to receive my results within 24h after the completion of the exams. Now I am wondering how the LNAT or Pearson respectively know which universities need my LNAT scores ? Will my universities be able to find my scores using my Name ? Because really there is not much m
  8. Thank you so much for helping me out !! Of course it is no my intention to cheat and I will surely not make this mistake in the IA that I will hand in to the IB. I can assure you that I would probably just redo the experiment using auxin hormones to improve growth and let the seedlings grow for only a week after my mock exams to save time.However I am currently thinking about doing my official IA on something completely different more to do with human physiology anyways as this one wasn't really isn't my best piece of work . However this Lab is nevertheless important and will influence m
  9. Hey guys I am currently working on an Investigation for which I need to create a raw data table. What I have done is to measure the average length of a plant seedling every day. I always used 10 seeds in a petri dish and then measured the length of ever single one of the 10 shoots in the dish in order to get the average seedling length for every dish. Unfortunately I have not recorded the lengths of every seedling individually and now only know the average length of all the 10 seedlings in the respective dish. My teacher has however only now told me that I need to present a raw data table m
  10. Hey guys I have recently started thinking about the Topic for my EE and I really want to write it in English B. Unfortunately I am not sure what topic I should chose as I really want to write something that interests me. As an aspiring or potential law student I would of course love to relate my EE to something to do with Legal issues or Law in general, however as my subject is english B it still has to relate to Language and Culture. Do you have any suggestions for topics I could write about? I would really appreciate any help or suggestions in regards to my title and topic! Thank you fo
  11. Hey guys I have just started to look at my EE title respectively the subject I want to do my EE about. However as I am just at the start of the whole process I have a couple of questions. 1) The Title of my EE is not necessarily very exotic to say, meaning that the topic is not very unique however I assume that the teacher who marks my essay will not grade me worst based on the fact that my topic is commonly used by many students and generally seen as relatively simple. Or do you think the fact that I choose a simple topic will cost me marks ? I mean the rubric of the EE does not mention
  12. Hey guys I have recently started to look at the entry requirements for several different universities that I would potentially be interested in. However when looking at the requirements some universities state something like 38 points including core points with at least 6,6,6 at HL subjects. Now as I am taking 4 HL subjects, my question is if I will have to have a 6,6,6,6 in my HL subjects or if I will be able to choose my three best HL subjects. Logically they would let me choose my three best HL subjects as I am doing the fourth one voluntarily. Would be glad for any help, suggestio
  13. Hello Guys When applying to university, there are many factors that will be considered such as your subject choices and grades however if another student has equivalent grades and subjects, the outer curricular activities that you have done can set you apart from the other applicant and eventually determine if you get accepted or not My question is as follows. How can I really proof that I have done all the activities that I talk about (Athletics, Academic clubs and organisations and other extra curricular activities)? Since I have been actively training martial arts since 7 years and b
  14. Hello sandy I am not sure if this is really the best forum to get a job or even get some advice for a job in Dubai. No doubt we are backed by an intellectual community right here but most of the members have not even finished their IB diploma yet meaning that most of us are not yet experienced in finding professional jobs. I would maybe suggest that you enter some forums specific to Dubai and you might even be able to find a forum about engineering in the UAE due to the vast amounts of construction work that has been done there over the past years. If thats not an option i would start to
  15. Hello guys I have just recently read the entry requirements for the LSE Accounting & Finance undergraduate course it states that LSE will require you to have 38 points HL math is desired but not necessary. Based on the fact that LSE does not have interviews with their potential students I would guess that they do only take into account your motivational letter or personal statement and obviously your grades. Now to my question ! How high is the chance of getting accepted with lets say 39 points and SL math but a very appealing personal statement and CV ? Of course I know that nobod
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