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  1. hey i was just wondering if anyone could help: where do 'competitors' fall into the marketing mix? out of the 7 p's (price place promotion people process product physicalevidence) does anyone know where competitors are considered? thanks
  2. hey i am doing my portfolio and i am using a hyperbolic function to model my data (ax+b/cx+d) and i was wondering how you can determine the vertical and horizontal asymptotes for a hyperbola. i am having trouble especially with the horizontal one any help on this would be greatly appreciated thanks
  3. i do HL chem and english chem is not too bad. just got on top of your work. but there is a big difference between SL and HL chem. english, you just need to read all the books and you will be fine. i do standard french b. so if you are not really comfortable with french dont do higher. but if you semi-fluent go for it. i do maths SL . some of my friends do studies and it seems to be rather easy. even if you are bad at maths, you will find studies ok
  4. Kristin school New Zealand nov09
  5. hey i need help assap on the difference between a knowledge issue and a comptemporary problem in a tok presentation i am doing animal cruelty within circuses and want to focus on cruelty to elephants any ideas on what my KI and CP could be? thanks
  6. wow haha i am the complete opposite, i thought biochem was lots of detail and hard to comprehend, while drugs and med was not too bad! hmm hah i guess its because im interesttd in drugs and med it makes it easier to learn. and i dont do bio either haha interesting
  7. my school is the biggest IB school in New Zealand. we have been involved since 1989 or something like that. long time! therefore we, luckily, are offered a huge range of subjects as we have been an ib established school for a loong time. there are always new pilot courses coming in each year! IB students are kind of viewed as the 'hardouts' haha because my school offers two programs, IB or NCEA which is the national newzealand course, which seems to be rather easy compared. but IB is really pushed in my school and majority of students do take it
  8. i think it really depends on what you want to study, if you want to do anything mathematical such as engineering, then i recommend physics at HL and maths depending on where you want to go, i do not think that they will look down on you for doing those HLs but if you really want to make an impression, since you are fluent in arabic (easy HL seven) , you could apply for four HL subjects- then they will be impressed hah. it really depends on what you want to do
  9. thank you! that site is perfect.. exactly what i was looking for. its got everything!
  10. i find cas to be ok.. the service offered from our school is that all the final year students go on a camp with different year groups within the school and we get quite a lot of hours for that. There is also being involved in our schools fashion show which raises money for child cancer and yea those are the two main service providers the school gives us.
  11. past papers are the key to studying well for maths.. you can memorise all you want (which is important) but if you dont put this knowledge into practice questions that you will be facing in exams to come, then you are not taking advantage of your studying time
  12. i am doing myn in business.. hows should xyz ltm market their bottled water to the expanding chinese luxury market.. i am stuck on how to start though and my draft is due in 2 weeks AHH.
  13. i recommend to make a plan for each day with sufficient breaks every hour or so. you dont want to overload. ask your teachers for past papers, these are giving you actual questions you can be faced with so this is always helpful go through books and highlight main points then make summaries . i recommend not using other peoples notes, but make your own it seems to help
  14. i do higher level chem and we get to choose our options between drugs and med, environmental, chemical industries and human bio chem im doing drugs n med and environmental because drugsnmed is interesting and environ is straight forward. i dont do biology so biochem seems too difficult and chemindustries does not appeal at all ! haha
  15. hmm im thinking maybe a commerce degree majoring in finance or international marketing or law, or if i really come around to it, apply for med school haha im stil very much undecided
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