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  1. Thank you very much for answering that for me! I think I'll add that in later when I kind've work my head around the dates/evidence I have looked at! I would think that at some point in your IA it would a good idea to define the dates but it doesn't have to be in the title. Speaking for personal experience, I didn't put dates in my question and still got a good score in my first draft (25/25). Just make sure you define the dates (and any other relevant material) in section A.
  2. I did but it's been awhile so I forgot... I can maybe message some of my students. It's a little late to ask my teach now lol I appreciate your input thanks for helping me out and cool to know your mind went in a similar path with the Japanese history!
  3. Thank you so much! ShootingStar16! Good to know! I definitley will work in something about predjudice in the question somehow... and yes I do need to focus a bit on the economy and how that was affected by the Japanese internment and leaving, WWII etc. As far as being too broad goes the question maybe is... but there really is little research that I have found on this topic in 4 different libraries.. so I have a few books with me that will help I don't think being to broad is an issue, but I think your right regarding the question perhaps! Also should I add specific dates like the questio
  4. Oh and as far as the mistreatment goes I am thinking of the sending off to the internment camps and when they also had to leave to go fight in Japan! Before that they had settled their for about 40-50 years and had really invested the time in fishing, and agriculture!
  5. Hey there I would appreciate if I could get an outside look on the question I have for my rough draft of my HI. It's due tomorrow, and I have done little on it, so tonight is gonna be busy.... I do have a direction where I am going and have to stick to this topic at this point lol So far I phrased the question 2 ways just basically need help in what sounds better..? haha 1.) How did the treatment towards the Japanese in British Columbia affect the economy leading up to WWII? 2.) How did the economy shift with the treatment of the Japanese in British Columbia leading up to WWII? *** Should
  6. Thank you very much, I think that it's not so much my teachers but the student I am surrounded with. They are really focused on getting through it, and if anything I am the biggest distraction they want to avoid. But I can't bare the thought of experiencing this incredible journey with just myself, I want to share it with others. I haven't started TOK yet but from the sounds of it makes me excited! Maybe It's a sign that I need to take this loneliness and put it to some use (aka homework) Just read your little signature, and definitely procrastinating... biggest issue I need to fix!
  7. Early IB Year 1: One of my greatest strengths through school has been my ability to be a skilled communicator. I've gotten through many speeches, class discussions, and debates just by winging it. My personality has won over many of my teachers in the past and has probably saved me from some awful papers because I am able to negotiate into having a second chance or "cut me some slack." On top of it all I am a social butterfly at school I literally do not have a specific group/clique I talk to everything and everybody. This however is looking like my downfall because IB is coming off to be a v
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