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  1. Not hot for still having a Halo avatar o.0
  2. Banned for not inserting a reason, therefore ruining a perfectly good ban
  3. Stapler or Stapler gun preferably, I bring fun to my users! Would you rather ride a flying train (trackplane/trainplane) or an airplane on tracks (trackplane/trainplane)?
  4. Considering that Asia has 62.15022091% of the world's population, chances are pretty high, but Melon Island is in the middle of the pacific as an independent country so I don't really live in any continent... Next poster owns a monkey wrench that is older than him/her.
  5. -lgmpxx -lgmp Brings back moments of frustration evaporating into happiness.
  6. Under 9000 so I can start my own overused meme ^^ Very thick 5 ton glass window or a giant bullet bill hole for a window?
  7. You forgot the amazing story that most FF games have, and while the gameplay can be very repetitive especially on the older ones, it can be interesting most of the time. I hate it when graphics get praised, games should be over 80% gameplay and story Anyways Next poster is currently waiting for something he ordered over the internet.
  8. http://www.<snip>.net/details.php?id=41754&hit=1 Two in a row o.0
  9. Banned for classifying your banhammer as a Gravity Hammer. If it is a Gravity Hammer, it must be a hammer, and thus fall under Maces. Since he's holding it with both hands, it becomes a Two Handed Mace. WoW style ban /me expecting a Halo style ban
  10. lol shouldn't be doing these anymore, too lazy to point out how none of that exists in WoW and how absurdly overpowered you just made yourself Firstly, I had no projectiles, it was all good 'ol sword and sword combat on my part if the picture didn't hint at it In WoW, every player can be immobilized. Reflex time in WoW doesn't depend on character reflexes but the weapon's speed and two handed maces cannot have a speed below 2.00. My Heroic Strike cannot miss because you were immobilized or dazed etc. therefore your dodge/parry/block chance drop to 0.00%. Since you have a two handed mace, swi
  11. Well I finished the main series except for 1 and the London ones so yeah, I guess that's a yes Next poster is scheduling a Final Fantasy XIII weekend this weekend.
  12. http://www.<snip>.net/details.php?id=41741
  13. Nope, downloaded it last night lol (Gotta love private trackers ) but was sort of a bitch to find. Gonna try and see if there's an English patch today, if not, guess I'm stuck translating every second word through Kiten Gonna have fun configuring my Saturn emulator tonight Next poster used to play WoW.
  14. Banned because I would easily block your banhammer blow, then shield bash you, which would cause around 1680 damage in addition to dazing you for 2 seconds, in which time I could Heroic Strike you for around 2500 damage. After that you'd be out of the daze by which time I'd Rend you and hit your hamstring, leaving you immobilized for 5 seconds and causing a further 2150 damage + ~600 DoT. (Your banhammer, a double handed mace is too slow so I have time to Rend and Hamstring you.) After that I'd be able to Deep Wound you for extra DoT damage then Mortal Strike you and Heroic Strike for a total
  15. Banned for not varying your style of pictures beyond Halo and Megaman. But hey, good picture ;P /me hides from banhammer under a Bulwark of Azzinoth. Yes, that bulwark
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