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  1. slizzie

    UCL Applicants

    how did you get on??
  2. The open university is an online distant learning university where people can choose to take full degree or certain credit courses. Anyone of any education or non-educational background can choose to take the courses. These can be taken full time or part time. Under 18s can be given special permissions from their schools if they believe it will benefit the student. It would be unwise of your classmate to drop out of school to study the degree course as many employers wouldn't like him to not finish school, as it wouldn't be a rounded education. I did 120 credits in music - equal to a year of u
  3. slizzie

    UCL Applicants

    I didn't hear back from UCL until late March early April, they usually are known for replying late! I wouldn't worry too much no news is good news!
  4. Though I know someone who took philosophy and Italian Ab Initio and got an offer from cambridge and is going to UCL, so I don't think they'll look down on it there's worse subjects. And also you're HL are very challenging; well math and physics are. I think it is a very good subject combination, especially if you're wanting to do engineering.
  5. I emailed them through myapplications as the contacts page highlighted that if you'd already applied that's the method of communication I should use..
  6. It's german and history (I got a 5 in german instead of a 6 ) This is the last year of normal feed before 9 grand, so apparently it's supposed to be more competitive. I am thinking about calling but I am scared they'll just say no outright. The school sent them a 'general' letter saying it was our first year, but I doubt that'll help that much.
  7. Helloo UK IBers I think, as lots of people have missed their offers and there's a few who got accepted, despite not meeting the conditions, they should post here to give all of us waiting to see some much needed hope!! I missed my King's College offer by a point and although my sixth form coordinator said it's unlikely I'll still get accepted, I still have some hope!! Post here if you've missed an offer and still got accepted or waiting to here and we'll give eachother encouragement
  8. My IBC said that the unis got the results on wednesday and should update today, however I don't think anyones ucas has changed
  9. I got 37 and was predicted 38, the point which was missed was from HL german I was predicted 6 and got a 5 Everyone in my school got similar to their predicted grades. Most were about one point below or so though.
  10. I'm happy with my results but I missed kings offer by a point in German English sl 6 Math sl 6 French ab 6 History hl 7 !! German hl 5 :l Biology hl 6 Tok b Ee c Bonus 1 Total 37 a prime number
  11. well my year was the guinea pigs and we've just taken our exams - results come out in a week!! Anyway, that doesn't help you. Each school has to undertake IB courses to know more about IAs and the curriculum. Sure, it'll seem very messy and unorganised for you as you're the first year. For my year, we had load and loads of problems. Like we did the wrong coursework and had to redo loads. A lot of our subjects we used A level textbooks instead of IB ones. For a lot of subjects it doesn't matter what book you use as long as you have the curriculum. Although I must say it does help for math and
  12. # of diploma students at start of IB or PreIB - 10 # of diploma students after graduation - 8 # of students who actually pass - hopefully 8 we haven't got results yet and we're first year # of certificates - 0 only full diploma. On highest and lowest I shall use predictions: Highest: 41 Lowest: 28? or somthing similar. Average: About 35
  13. Same what was yours like ? I used to be sl but went to hl ... regret it now ha ha . Our word limit is definitely 400words I wrote like 370
  14. How did everyone find German HL? I found it incredibly difficult in paper one. There were no grammatic questions using small words which I studied for loads. I don't think I wrote enough for paper 2... I think I was about 40 words under, how much do you think I'll get penalised?!
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