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  1. My thoughts on May 2016 PTs are here.
  2. I've updated essay #6 - it can now be found here The index to my thoughts on all May 2016 essay titles is here.
  3. My guide to the November 2015 Essays is found at this link. I have written fairly detailed thoughts on each essay, and have included both examples of typical KQ's and Real Life Situations. The guides are meant to help students start their thinking, they're not 'cut & paste' essays. I hope that they're helpful.
  4. I've now finished writing my thoughts on all of the May 2015 Essay Titles, up on my blog here.
  5. I've now finished my thoughts on each May 2015 ToK Essay titles. They're up on my blog, here.
  6. Hi Caro, I think the topic is far too broad, you could focus down much more - which would make the presentation much more straightforward. I have posted some examples of presentation titles on my blog (click here), this should help you to make your title more specific
  7. A few people have been asking for thoughts on essay #4, my thoughts on this PT are now up on my blog.
  8. I've just put my thoughts on Essay #5 up on my blog. This may be a useful starting point for students thinking of writing this essay. A guide / explanation to Essay #3 has also been added.
  9. I've just posted my thoughts on essay title No. 5 on my blog. It may be a useful starting point for those writing this essay.
  10. I've just written my initial thoughts about the questions, and suggested possible ways of responding to them - click here for my thoughts. It's just a starting point, but could be a useful way in.
  11. I've put my initial thoughts about each of these questions at this link. I've just briefly written my first interpretation of the question, and suggested a possible way of answering it. This may be of some help to IctEcon and others.
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