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  1. Hi, I want to ask you whether someone here had studied on Erasmus University (especially economics or international law) and would like to share his feelings about the course, city, uni generally. Every reflection highly appreciated
  2. Hello Dear All, I just wonder if there is a possibility to do some extra economics course during summer holidays. I am now in 2IB and besides writting my EE during holidays, I would like to do some extra course from economics somewhere in UK on the university or somewhere else in Europe. Is it possible? Has anyone done something like that before? If yes, could you please share with us your opinions, obligatory fees and the place where you took the course?
  3. Thanks for the answear and involving into topic! I am just starting IB so actually I don't have any predicted grades I am just looking around to see which uni will be my choices next year. Anyways, thanks for help, I will look all these pages up
  4. Thanks a lot, that was highly motivating to hear that from you Of course I would never give up or back down on my passion and dreams, so I will try to do my best and struggle a little bit to achieve 7 in Math SL. I really liked the idea of this whole Cambridge exams, as I have heard sometimes universities do not stick to the prerequisite requirements they have set themselfes but also desire to study particular subject and so on is important. For now, I have listed and written down some universities that actually I would "fit into": Edinburgh (I guess this is the place I would like to study mo
  5. Thanks for all the answears! That helped me a lot and also I am beeing impressed with the fact that I got a response so quickly Thank you for your effort.
  6. Hello Dear All As it is in the topic - would be so kind and suggest to me some universities for which having gone through Math HL in the high school isn't prerequisite? Are there some unis with some decent economics courses (or economic-related) without such entry requirement? I have heard that Durham is quite decent and so is the Manchester uni - could you confirm? Looking forward to hear your opinions/suggestions In case you need my study subcjects: History HL Geogrpahy HL English HL Polish (my national language) SL Math SL Chemistry SL I should also add that there
  7. Thanks for the answear, that will certainly help me! But the amount of the books you listed in here kind of scare me, tho Is it even possible to flick through all of them ?
  8. I am not 100% sure, but I guess I will be doing 20th century world history, that is all I know as I haven't been told any other information. I hope you will still find a way to help me.
  9. Hi guys! As the time has come and in a few days I will be starting my IB course I just wondered if you find it vital to buy some additional history books in order to manage well with History HL course as I have seen many offers from the former IB students encouraging to buy some books that are not actually course books, like "Mastering Modern World History (...)" and so on... What would you say? And if yes, would somebody be so king and make a list of books that may come in handy to cope with all History HL stuff? I would greatly appreciate it.
  10. No further suggestions?
  11. Hi, Thanks for the answear I am fully aware of the fact that top unis require Math HL, but also I have heard that for example Durham doesn't require Math HL and they still have decent economics courses, I also do not count on getting to the strict economics course but something related with economics like economics&politics as I have heard those one are more convenient if it comes to te entry reqirements. So, would somebody be so kind and suggest some unis that do not require Math HL when it comes to the economics coures but are still quite decent? And also how about Manchester Uni and
  12. Hello Dear IBSurvival users I have a question to you considering kind of popular topic - is it possible to study Economics after having taken Math SL? If yes, what universities would you recommend? I am now just starting my IB course and I wonder if switching to HL would be a good idea, however I am not so good at Math, but my teacher told me I could easilly achieve 6 in SL or even struggle to score 7 in the final year of IB with some effort. In case you need my subcjects, for now it looks like this: English HL History HL Geography HL Polish (my national language) SL Math SL (?) Chemist
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