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  1. Yes I am. But man you gotta calm down. I did question 7 on paper 2 section B, and the buffer parts were so hard that I left out at least 10 marks blank. And I also got the structural isomers question wrong on section A. So thats about 20 marks gone. Just relax, we can't do anything about it now. Just wait for the results to come out.
  2. I asked my teacher and he said people are generally having sense of paper 1 being easier than last year, paper 2 and 3 relatively harder/similar level to the last year exam. I thought astrophysics had some annoying questions. relativity on the other hand was fine I thought. theoretical stuffs came out a lot which I did not like, but I think I can manage to get 6 on paper 3. arg. the overall boundary will I think stay or risen up by 1% as physics boundary barely changes. The grade boundaries for paper 3 last year was 38/60 or above (63.3% or above) for a 7, and 32/60 (53.3%) to scrape a 6. My
  3. It went alright. Couldn't remember most of the astrophysics stuff though. And I think the grade boundaries are usually pretty low for paper 3. Like about 65% for a level 7? So from what you said you should be able to make a 7 for this paper
  4. I did question 6 and 7 for section B. Halfway through question 7 I realized it was a mistake choosing that question...I had no idea how to do the buffer questions. Should've done 8 instead
  5. The data analysis part of the section A in paper 2 was quite difficult in my opinion. Overall, didn't go very well.
  6. Did most of you actually finish it? I found the exam to be way too long given 2 hours to do it...
  7. How did you guys find paper 2 for HL maths? I found it to be similar to paper 1 in difficulty...very tough again. Very far from finishing. (I did TZ2) What do you guys think?
  8. A question to the TZ2 people. Regarding the question with the Boston Matrix, do you just construct the boston matrix with N-Pharma's product portfolio? Or do you also have to comment about it? I was just wondering because it was worth 7 points.
  9. I am extremely bad at constructing energy cycles for Hess's law questions...I always can't work out the balancing of all the equations. Can anyone give me some help? Or give me a link that would provide some help on this topic? It would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Wow tdubthebassist, you have some amazing grades there! Any tips on how to do so well?
  11. For HL people, do we have to know how to do back titration calculations?
  12. Haha, tdubthebassist says series and diff. equations is the easiest, and i hate tangents says its the hardest. I guess it really depends on the person
  13. What do you think is the hardest HL maths options? Which is the easiest? There are: Set and Relations Series and Differential Equations Further Statistics and Probability Discrete Mathematics
  14. actually i believe relativity is definitely the hardest HL option. I'm a physics HL student and i have a really **** teacher, but pretty much eating the book is gonna help you survive the hardest of IB subjects. good luck lets hope ur teacher chooses astrophysics lol Our school does relativity as one of the options topic and our teachers say its the easiest HL option....and I do agree to an extent. IB just really scrapes the surface of relativity...especially general relativity, and there's really not that much to remember. But hearing from you, the problem's probably because you have a ****
  15. I'd like to see videos of "Topic 8: Energy, power, climate change" and "Topic 14: Digital technology". That would be great. I'm quite surprised most people are requesting videos for mechanics and SL waves...I found those to be the easiest, in my opinion. Anyways, thanks Mitch for doing this.
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