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  1. Im still confused on which math level to choose. Im not that good at math so im deciding to shift to math studies so that it will be easier. But if math sl is necessary then i will have to force myself to study. please tell me if math sl is required. thank you
  2. This gave me a great idea of how to go about with the IA. Thank you soo much!!
  3. I'm really confused in choosing a firm for my business management IA. I wanted to know on what basis should the firm be chosen. And I also thought this post will help others too. Thank You
  4. 98 downloads

    this is overall info of the book Antigone
  5. 250 downloads

    french vocab
  6. I still dont know what is analysis, application and evaluation!! i need to know what are these to go ahead.... i need help!!
  7. 32 downloads

    This is a helpful file for understanding Doll's house.
  8. Hi, I would suggest you to take Math only if 1.the universities ask for it or 2.you are interested in it Don't take it just because your friends took it. Honestly Math HL is not easy, specially if you are not interested.
  9. I'm interested in economics as well as business management, I need to know which is a better subject to choose for Extended Essay? Which subject has wider research area?
  10. I'm a bit confused at this point of time. I want to know what is the right time to start the EE.
  11. There is my friend who has taken Chem-SL Phy-HL, Eco-HL and Math-HL. He says it is ok if we take Chem as SL if you want to take up business in future or if your University accepts this Combination.
  12. I'm a bit confused between HINDI or FRENCH!! I'm not able to decide on those 2 subjects. ANY suggestions onto what to choose. THANK YOU
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