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  1. The overall grade is fine but if I'm not mistaken, you will require a minimum 6 in HL Math to qualify.
  2. Wow thank you so much! That does help me You're welcome. But just try to keep it as concise as possible. Get straight to the point and if it still goes over 12 pages, then that's fine. Avoid beating around the bush, that can hurt your score. Cheers. All the best
  3. If it is relevant material, it does not matter in the slightest if you're over going the 12 page mark. There is no page limit to the Math IA. The "6-12 pages" is to act as a guide but it's not a strict limit. My IA was 15 pages long haha. Hope that helps
  4. Yes, I think you would be able to best judge for yourself the dilemma between the languages but I feel like you're heading in the right direction. As for Physics, well clearly there will be a slight difference in the level of difficulty between HL and SL but I must say it is not as significant as the difference between HL and SL Maths. HL Physics basically just delves into more in-depth topics but if you've gotten the hang of how to approach the SL bits, it will essentially be the same process for the HL bits. So I would not worry too much about finding it too difficult but yes it will have a
  5. Actually regarding your dilemma between Swahili B HL and Eng A HL, I would suggest to keep the former in HL if you feel comfortable with it and you should too since it is your native language. The reason for this is that in my experience, I have found that the Eng A can be quite difficult to score highly in. The reason for this is because IB sets a very high standard for the English and it can be a bit difficult for person who is not inherently wired in English to do well. But again, that is just my experience and definitely I am not making any calls for you. Just my thoughts. Hope that helps.
  6. Difficult bro. But not impossible. As long as you're willing to devote your time and mind to it, you'll be fine.
  7. I agree. Statistics starts off very simple but once you get into the probability section, it can get a bit difficult to wrap your head around. And particular questions under Vectors as well. But I get the sense I only found these two difficult because we took them on towards the end of IB which is why I got much less time to practice these two topics compared to the others.
  8. Richard Thornley videos were my bread and butter tbh. They are absolutely amazing.
  9. Hey just one question: There was a question about entropy.. that was in section B was it? I'm in HL btw Yes, it was Section B. You were given a reaction and some data and had to calculate change in Gibbs' free energy twice by different means. Interestingly enough, I got a negative entropy change despite the phase changes in the reactants implying more disorder, but my delta G values were almost exactly the same so I think I did the calculation right? Hmph. I can't tell because I didn't do this option but if I recall correctly my friends were talking about a negative entropy or someth
  10. Hey just one question: There was a question about entropy.. that was in section B was it? I'm in HL btw
  11. I thought they were decent too. But I think I made a couple of unnecessary calculation errors in P1. P2 and P3 were alright in my opinion. Just hoping for the best now. Btw, in P1 there was one question about an electron being attracted towards a negative or positive potential or something like that. It had arrows and we had to show the direction of the electron's motion. Can anyone remember what that answer was?
  12. Yeah it was; I agree I found it quite fast-paced and "lure you into the moment" kinda thing. What was your big/main/overarching idea though? I discussed the power of nature (weather) against man, but I'm not quite sure if that was correct. I discussed the passage's ability to draw in the reader's senses and the irony that the characters themselves were losing connection from their senses. It is as though the art of writing has allowed the readers to have a more wholesome experience of this situation. Hey one question though: What was up with Alcock? Was he unconscious or something? H
  13. Did the prose myself. Wasn't it absolutely enriched with imagery? I found it marvelous. I don't know exactly how my commentary was but the passage was great.
  14. HI GUYS! This is kind of urgent so I would really appreciate some feedback. The epsilon-delta definition of limits has now been scratched from the syllabus right? I'm talking about the Calculus option - Math HL. Sitting my paper in 3 weeks. Thanks a lot.
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