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  1. Thank you, Emmi, it is much clearer for me now. I wonder if there is a good university which could accept me with my scores. Could you please tell me if you know one? SAT Reasoning: 2000 (superscore) SAT Subject: M1 790, M2 790, PHY 740 IELTS: 7.5 (expired) IB: 36 Math HL 6; Physics HL 6; History HL 5; English A SL 5; Russian A SL 6; ITGS SL 5. TOK+EE 3 (EE on World Religions). I have many extracurricular activities, including sports, music, academics, and internship. + a lot of academic achievements in the period between 8 and 9 grade
  2. Hello fellowers, I have finished two semesters in my national university quite unsuccessfully (cGPA of 3.00/4.00). I want to apply as a freshman to top universities in the USA and wonder if they will care about my 'past' bachelors. I can't apply to MIT as a freshman, because they have a restriction on that. What about other universities? Even if I am eligible to apply as a freshman, should I provide them a transcript from my university? I actually can make GPA of 4.00/4.00 in the upcoming semester. Could I say like "I was not being serious, I didn't want to, but I'm capable of doin
  3. Well, name is not just a name, it is history. Universities become famous not just because of promoters but because of facilities, research rates, average salaries of their students, etc. Moreover, employees also care about the NAME of the university that you have finished.
  4. 17-22 for B 23-30 for A isn't the essay /10 and presentation /10? how can one get a 30? I think you need to multiply the mark for essay by 2
  5. Yeah, that's just a new version of crashed, lol. well... not really a new version, but... a new synonym? We do use it in messengers, dunno
  6. Research question: to what extent Islam is tolerant of non-Muslims living in an Islamic state?
  7. Hello, my IB-fellowers. I got an A for my extended essay, yay! I wrote only 3084 words on World Religions (group 3)=) So... Don't worry if you lack word count.
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